10 Amazing Animals Found Only In Madagascar Amazing Animals Found Only In Madagascar

Madagascar is a land of distinctive fauna and flora. There are many rare animals found in Madagascar that are not found in any other corner of the world. These animals include several land animals, water animals and birds.

Get up close and personal with the distinct fauna of Madagascar. We bring to you the 10 amazing animals found only in Madagascar. Take a look.

10 Giraffe Weevil

Giraffe weevil–Photo via StrangeAnimals.info

Giraffe Weevil is on number 10 in the list of top 10 amazing animals found only in Madagascar. It is an insect with a very long neck and hence, its name. The male posses two to three times longer neck than their female counterparts. Also, they have a red shell known as elytra that shields the hind legs. These insects use their necks to build nests while legs and hind wings during flight.

Giraffe weevils are non- aggressive. They feed on leaves and reside mainly in the forests of Madagascar where they live on “giraffe beetle trees”.

9 Madagascar Pochard

10 Amazing Animals Found Only In Madagascar
Madagascar Pochard–Photo via Lambahoany.org

Madagascar is also a home to the rarest duck in the world, Madagascar Pochard. This island houses only a hundred or less Madagascar Pochards. They are found in marshes as well as freshwater lakes of this island.

An interesting history is associated with his rare duck. For many years, this rare duck species was considered to be extinct but, in the year 2006, about 20 of these rare ducks were spotted at the lake Mastsaborimena.  After a breeding programme, the number of these rare ducks went to 80. They are critically endangered birds due to the lack of food in their habitat.

These ducks are medium sized and have white belly, reddish brown flaks and grey beak.

8 Blue Coua

10 Amazing Animals Found Only In Madagascar
Blue Coua–Photo via wikimedia.org

Blue Coua or Madagascar coucal is a unique bird that is only found in Madagascar. No other part of the world has this very rare bird species. This bird is a member of the cuckoo family.

The blue bird has a deep blue plumage, blue skin and light blue area around the eyes. It grows to reach 17 to 19.7 inches length. It weighs about 235 g. It is a non- parasitic bird and builds its own nest using twigs and leaves.

7 Aquatic Tenrecs

10 Amazing Animals Found Only In Madagascar
Aquatic Tenrecs–Photo via Pinterest

They are strange creatures that are very rare. They can be seen only at ten sites in this African island. There are different species of tenrecs but, the most unique are the aquatic tenrecs.

They look like a rat and grow to attain 6.7 inches length. They have large hind limbs and webbed feet that assist them in swimming.

6 Sifaka

10 Amazing Animals Found Only In Madagascar
Sifaka–Photo via vdweerd.net

On number 6 is a species of lemur family, Sifaka. It is found only in this island nation. They have a very distinguishable call, “shif- auk” and so their name.

Sifaka is an endangered species. There are three kinds of Sifaka: conquerel’s sifaka, diademed sifaka and golden crowned sifaka. They are medium in size that weigh 6 kg and are 16 to 22 inches long. They feed on leaves, buds and fruits and reside on the tree branches.

They have a long and silky fur. They can be black, grey, white or golden.

5 Darwin’s Bark Spiders

10 Amazing Animals Found Only In Madagascar
Darwin’s Bark Spiders–Photo via Real Monstrosities.com

On number 5 is Darwin’s Bark Spiders. This spider species is found only in Madagascar. The female spiders are larger than the male spiders. The female spiders are about 1 inch in length whereas the males are only one- fourth of that size.

The most distinct feature of these spiders is their web. The web is stronger and tough. The silk of Darwin’s Bark Spiders owns a unique strength. Their webs can cover 30 sq. feet.

4 Comet Moths

10 Amazing Animals Found Only In Madagascar
Photo via masterok.livejournal.com

Also called as Madagascan moon moths, the comet moths are on number 4. They are touted among the largest silk moths in the world.

The wings of the moth are about 8 inches and the tail is 6 inches. The most interesting thing about the comet moths is that they can reproduce from the moment they get out of the cocoons. The female comet moths can lay around 170 eggs. But, once the moth reaches adulthood, they could only live for 4 to 5 days.

3 Indri

10 Amazing Animals Found Only In Madagascar
Photo via flicker by David Cook Wildlife Photography

Indri is another member of the lemur family that is on the list of top 10 amazing animals found only in Madagascar. It is an endangered species of lemur. Less than ten thousand Indris inhabit Madagascar. They live in the rainforests of the Eastern areas of Madagascar.

They are the largest member of the family. They grow up to 22 to 28 inches in length and can weigh up to ten kg. They move between trees.

The interesting thing about Indris is their high pitched calls that they use to communicate with each other.

2 Satanic Leaf Tailed Gecko

10 Amazing Animals Found Only In Madagascar
Satanic Leaf Tailed Gecko–Photo by pbertner on Flickr

This master of camouflage is on number 2 in the list of the most amazing animals found in Madagascar. If the satanic leaf-tailed gecko sits over a leaf, you would never be able to see it. It blends amazingly with the surroundings that no one could ever spot it.

This small lizard grows to only 10 to 15 cm. The tail of this lizard can be grey, orange, tan, yellow or brown. Just like the leaf has veins, the tail of this lizard also features the same. It looks like a dead leaf.

When they come face to face with the predators like snakes and birds, they do not camouflage to hide instead, they open their jaw and show the red colored mouth and erect the tail.

1 Malagasy Leaf-Nosed Snakes

10 Amazing Animals Found Only In Madagascar
Malagasy Leaf-Nosed Snakes–Photo via wantexpeditions.com

The most amazing animal found in Madagascar is the Malagasy Leaf-Nosed Snake. There are many other unique snakes in Madagascar but, this snake wins the race to be on the number one spot of the top 10 most amazing animals found in Madagascar.

Their nose protrudes from their face. Their nose typically resembles a leaf. The females have a serrated nose while the males have a longer nose. They use their nose while looking for a prey. They lie still with the nose looking life a leaf. Generally they hang from the tress all the time.

10 Amazing Animals Found Only In Madagascar


NoAnimals Found Only In Madagascar
1Malagasy Leaf-Nosed Snakes
2Satanic Leaf Tailed Gecko
4Comet Moths
5Darwin’s Bark Spiders
7Aquatic Tenrecs
8Blue Coua
9Madagascar Pochard
10Giraffe Weevil
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10 Amazing Animals Found Only In Madagascar Amazing Animals Found Only In Madagascar

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