10 Amazing Phenomena You Have to See to Believe

Amazing Phenomena

We live in a quite an interesting planet, which never fails to surprise us. This planet Earth consists of liquid water, oxygen, moon, along with this, it is situated proportionately at a distance to the Sun. This Planet Earth is home to many great and different types of species, and amazing places.

Earth has never stopped astonishing us, everyday, and every time we get to learn something new, something interesting about this planet. This makes us even more fascinated towards it. When such amazing phenomenon occurs, you might get lucky to have glimpse of it someday, like the rainbows, weird shaped clouds, fire rainbows, or meteor showers. So as an honor to the planet Earth, lets’ have a look at the 10 most amazing natural phenomenon.

10 Staircase to the Moon

10 Amazing Phenomena You Have To See To Believe
Staircase to the Moon-Photo via .rainbowtourism.com.au

When one thinks about Australia, things such as kangaroos, Sydney Opera, and rugby comes to their mind. Many of the visitors pass by Australia every year, in order to see and explore something new, and here staircase to the moon has not been a known phenomenon, or attraction.

Staircase to the Moon, is actually a full moon reflection which creates an interesting illusion as to having a stairway to the heaven. This happens each month for any three nights. Locals here, take good advantage of this, and showcase different talents, sell different types of goodies and crafts to the tourists.

9 The Danzia Landform, China

10 Amazing Phenomena You Have To See To Believe
The Danzia Landform, China-Photo via RelaxingPage.com

This is one of the most amazing phenomenon, and truly a beautiful sight to look at. Here the mountains are covered in rainbow colors, they are collided with different colors.

It looks as if they are painted, and made to look so beautiful, but it actually is a natural phenomenon, and many tourists come specifically to visit this landform in China. It is a unique form of hiking experience.

8 Salar de Uyuni, Bolivia

10 Amazing Phenomena You Have To See To Believe
Salar de Uyuni, Bolivia-Photo via Wikimedia.org

This a much beautiful sight and natural phenomenon which will astound you truly. This is the largest of world’s salt flat, where you can have the largest reflection or mirror image. The boundaries actually get blurred between sky and land.

It is one of the best place to take beautiful, once in a lifetime photo. The reflection is so clear, that you could see and feel as if you are walking on the clouds itself. People come from far to see this beauty, and capture that moment.

7 Glowing Sand

10 Amazing Phenomena You Have To See To Believe
Glowing Sand-Photo via NothingFamiliar.com

This is one of the best and unique view that one gets to see in night time, when the sand around the shore, starts to glow. It is one of the most romantic sight and place for couples.

This natural phenomenon takes place when bioluminescent plankton washes up around the shoreline. These are basically living creatures, which crashes to the shore due to waves, and start stressing which leads them to be glowing. During the day time they produce a reddish color, so they are also known to be red tide.

6 Finland’s’ Frozen Trees

10 Amazing Phenomena You Have To See To Believe
Finland’s’ Frozen Trees-Photo via thevoyaging

This was very beautifully captured by Niccolo Bonfadini, who braved the temperature of that below 40 degrees Celsius which is -104 degrees Fahrenheit, and captured the amazing frozen trees in Finland.

These trees were bent over due to the heavy snow layers, and look as if giant worms which are protruding through ice. This photo taken by him was appreciated by NASA, and entitled to be the best Astronomy photo.

5 Son Doong Cave, Vietnam

10 Amazing Phenomena You Have To See To Believe
Son Doong Cave, Vietnam-Photo via Sunsurfer

Vietnam is an amazing place in itself, and among this, it has this beautiful cave which is one of the largest cave in the world. This cave has its’ own river and jungle all together.

The name Son Doong when translated means mountain with river cave. It is a huge cave, and expedition here is a lifetime experience. One would get to explore a lot inside this cave, and it is not a form of race, so you can enjoy each moment of it and give it time.

4 Mendenhall Glacier Ice Caves, USA

10 Amazing Phenomena You Have To See To Believe
Mendenhall Glacier Ice Caves, USA-Photo via Reddit

This is the most astounding sight, and it is a beautiful natural phenomenon. If one enjoys hiking, then this is a must visit place, and they should hurry, as the rising temperatures could melt it.

It is situated in Alaska, and this is quite an unlikely ice cave in the world. The global warming has made an impact here, through which the ice is melting and the ancient trees under the ice are being released from its icy imprisonment.

3 Lake Hillier, Australia

10 Amazing Phenomena You Have To See To Believe
10 Amazing Phenomena You Have To See To Believe-Photo via youtube

Australia consists of this unique lake, which looks like a lake filled with strawberry milkshake, and this is a natural phenomenon. The reason behind this pink lake is not yet confirmed.

Though it has been assumed that it could be the reaction between the sodium bicarbonate, bacteria called red halophilic and its natural salt are may be responsible for this unique phenomenon, and pink color lake.

2 Door to Hell, Turkmenistan

10 Amazing Phenomena You Have To See To Believe
Door to Hell, Turkmenistan-Photo via TravelDigg.com

The locals here, call it the door way to hell, or gates towards hell, as it is very frightening and scary natural phenomenon. It is basically a gas field that is natural in its form.

This gas field has been burning from long decades, as if its waiting to absorb everything and everyone slowly into it. Tourists come from all around the world to see this sight.

1 Tunnel of Love, Ukraine

10 Amazing Phenomena You Have To See To Believe
Tunnel of Love, Ukraine-Photo via EarthPorm.com

This natural phenomenon, is quite enchanting and it seems as if its calling for you. Its truly amazing, and beautiful, and it is the best romantic place for any couples.

It is a synchronicity between manmade structure and nature. The train here passes between the trees, and couples who stroll by this passage or tunnel, make a wish, and it is said that only that wish would come true whose love is genuine and real.

Nature at times messes around and creates such odd, amazing natural phenomenon, which are beautiful to look at and explore. So below is the list of such 10 amazing natural phenomena.

10 Amazing Phenomena You Have to See to Believe

  1. Staircase to the Moon
  2. The Danzia Landform, China
  3. Salar de Uyuni, Bolivia
  4. Glowing Sand
  5. Finland’s’ Frozen Trees
  6. Son Doong Cave, Vietnam
  7. Medenhall Glaciers Ice Caves, USA
  8. Lake Hillier, Australia
  9. Door to Hell, Turkmenistan
  10. Tunnel of Love, Ukraine


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