10 Benefits of Making the Sign of the Cross

Benefits of Making the Sign of the Cross

The sign of making the cross is quite a simple gesture whit a profound expression and meaning of faith. The sign of making a cross has an in-depth meaning for Orthodox Christians, as well as Catholics.

10 Benefits of Making the Sign of the Cross
10 Benefits of Making the Sign of the Cross-Photo via epicpew.com

It is something a person does when they enter into church, or after receiving Communion, all the time when they pray, and before meal. It is a gesture for being thankful, for praying, for showing respect, show faith, and much more. So let’s look at the 10 benefits of making the sign of the cross.

10 Soldier on for Christ

Based on Ghezzi, soldiers’ would get tattoos of general’s name, which was termed to sphragis. This is known to be a metaphor for those Christian life, where it is said that the people are the sheep and Christ is the shepherd.

So in a sense compared to sheep, not actually being sheepish, but instead the soldiers to Christ. This is quite an interesting way of expressing power which Christ gives, to stand firm, and strong against any tactics by devil.

9 Remake Ourselves in Christ’s Image

This lays meaning to how we take that old self off, and put the new self on, by renewing ourselves. This sign is used when people ought to change to be better and beneficial to the society.

Renew themselves from what they are, and transferring the sinful natures to good, by being better, sensible, and being acceptable.

8 Being Blessed for a New Day

People use this sign in the morning, when they wake up, to be thankful for the new day, another chance, and another beginning. Its their way of showing that they are grateful for this day Almighty has given them. This gives the energy to start the day.

This sign is also used in morning when they are just wide awake, groggy, and dimly aware, that praying and putting together a whole sentence is difficult, or even to remember a whole prayer, so rather they just make that sign of cross.

7 Focus your Prayer on God

People use the sign of cross, when they are praying to God as well. They address their prayers to God, a God who is above us, may be in the form of a buddy, a cosmic genie, or a man upstairs.

So when such happens, the prayers become more about them than, being a truthful encounter with God. So the sign of cross, shows a true focus on the Almighty itself. It shows the true connection and affix full attention on Almighty.

6 Affirm The Trinity

The sign of making a cross, is also used and of benefit when remembering the trinity. Trinity is the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. So when one makes the sign, they say “in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.

While doing so they touch their hands consecutively, first to forehead, then stomach or the lower chest, and then both the shoulders. Where the name of father is when touched at forehead, heart or lower chest to son, and across shoulders to holy spirit.

5 Sanctify The Day

This sign of making a cross is repeated several times a day, during any key moments. This sign sanctifies the day, when they put their clothes on, wear shows, bathe, or sit at a table, on couch, or even light a lamp. Throughout the day with every step forward and movement, this sign of cross is made.

By doing so, it shows gratitude, and respect, being thankful for everything they have, and will have. Thus it basically sanctifies, purifies, and blesses the person throughout the day. Making it a good day.

4 Commit The Whole Self to Christ

By making the sign of cross, that person is committing themselves fully to God, and showing respect and being thankful for what they are blessed with, and showing that it all belongs to God.

While making the sign one moves their hands from the forehead, to heart, then to shoulders, and while doing so they ask Almighty to bless their desires, mind, and passions. It connects the body to soul, and mind to heart, and asks for blessing to purify their soul, thoughts, will, deeds, and feelings.

3 Pray

Praying is in a way beneficial, as it purifies ones’ thoughts, feelings and desires. While doing so they make the sign of cross, and the sign is said to be in itself a form of prayer.

Its’ called being presenting gesture to God, by making the sign of Cross, thus praying. Moving the mind and soul or heart towards God, and putting it in to their hands, under God’s protection.

2 Reverse The Curse

Many times a persons’ deeds are sinful, and would result in similar manner, and their future is not glorious. But by trying to change themselves, and putting themselves in God’s hand, and asking for forgiveness can be helpful.

For doing so, they make the sign of cross, by moving their hands from one shoulder to another, where from left side they are trying to remove the curse, and bringing their hand to the right side for blessings and forgiveness.

1 Crucify Oneself with Christ

One should not be ashamed while confessing the act of crucify. One should also be able to able to crucify themselves along with Christ. Accept whatever conditions that come across.

Also put up a fight, but also learn to sacrifice. The sign of cross thus proclaims ones’ acceptance towards the condition.

Along these following 10 benefits mentioned there are also many other benefits such as confessing towards ones’ faith, recalling the incarnation, reaffirming the baptism, and much more. These are the 10 benefits being mentioned of making the sign of the cross.

10 Benefits of Making the Sign of the Cross

  1. Soldier on for Christ
  2. Remake Ourselves in Christ’s Image
  3. Being Blessed for a New Day
  4. Focus your Prayer on God
  5. Affirm The Trinity
  6. Sanctify The Day
  7. Commit The Whole Self to Christ
  8. Pray
  9. Reverse The Curse
  10. Crucify Oneself with Christ

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