10 Celebrities Who Suffer From Diseases 10 Celebrities Who Suffer From Diseases

Celebrities are often surrounded by cameras and lights. Their lifestyle and way of working involve much hustle. They travel various parts of the parts for the photo shoots and film shootings. The film actors have to be active in their routine works. They have to regularly apply make ups with new hairstyles and costumes. The hectic schedule of the celebrities is the reason for their irregular eating and drinking habits.

The haphazard lifestyle is mainly the cause of diseases among many well-known film stars. The celebrities have their personal physicians and doctors to whom they often make visits and cure their diseases. Some of the most famous celebrities have severe diseases and they spent a lot in curing them. We have listed out Top 10 Celebrities Who Suffer From Diseases.

10 Kristen Chenoweth

10 Celebrities Who Suffer From Diseases
Kristen Chenoweth–Photo via pinterest.com

Kristen Chenoweth is the popular singer who has the asthma problem from many years. She has been hit by the asthma attack many a times while rehearsals. The asthma is a chronic problem with breathing and uneasiness in the chest area.

Kristen Chenoweth is associated with many foundations to cure this disease among the children. She has also spoke in many programs about the problem of asthma. She encourages the people having asthma to go ahead in life forgetting the disease.

9 Alec Baldwin

10 Celebrities Who Suffer From Diseases
Alec Baldwin–Photo via Parade.com

A successful actor and author, Alec Baldwin suffers from Lyme disease which is a harmful and infectious one. This disease is found mainly in the United States with problems like arthritis.

Alec Baldwin has never disclosed this fact in any news or media of his disease. In the year 2011, the New York Times revealed the news of his Lyme disease.

8 Paula Deen

10 Celebrities Who Suffer From Diseases
Photo via abcnews.go.com

Paula Deen is one of the most popular chefs in the world. She is the person who has suffered from many tragic incidents in her life. She was married at a very small age and got separated from her husband shortly. Paula’s mother expired when she was 22 years old. All these incidents left a bad and shocking effect on her mind.

She was hit by depression and anxiety after this. Paula Deen concentrated on her passion of cooking as taught by her grandmother and then she recovered. In spite of many hardships and obstacles, Paula Deen is a popular chef.

7 Morgan Freeman

10 Celebrities Who Suffer From Diseases
Morgan Freeman–Photo via buzzsip.com

At number 7, we have Morgan Freeman who is one of the greatest Hollywood actors ever. He suffers from the disease called fibromyalgia which is severe joint disease. In this disease, there is a severe pain in joints and muscles.

He revealed to the media about fibromyalgia in the year 2013. This is a common disorder among many people in USA. Morgan Freeman is still the charming personality of the Hollywood at an old age.

6 Kim Kardashian

10 Celebrities Who Suffer From Diseases
Kim Kardashian–Photo via BearingArms.com

The sexy and hot actress, Kim Kardashian is popular for her seductive photos in media. This beautiful actress has the skin disorder psoriasis. This disease has symptoms like rashes, itching and red skin. Kim has some spots in reddish colour of her right leg.

This is a hereditary disorder and her Kris Jenner has the same disease. Kim didn’t lose hope and boldly faced the disease and also revealed in the media about this.

5 Frankie Muniz

10 Celebrities Who Suffer From Diseases
Frankie Muniz–Photo via Alchetron

Frankie Muniz is an actor of Hollywood and he had been attacked by two brain strokes at a very young age. He had problem with the breathing while hr got the strokes. He is a musician too and has a bad experience of brain strokes at a young age.

His ambition was to a car racer once in his life. Brain strokes are dangerous as they stop the flow of blood to reach the brain. Strokes often cause hands to stop working. Frankie Munix gave the reason of his busy schedule for the brain strokes.

4 Sarah Hyland

10 Celebrities Who Suffer From Diseases
Photo via wallpaperscharlie.com

Sarah Hyland is a popular actress of American TV series. At a very young age, she has done the kidney transplantation. She plays the role of Haley Dunphy and revealed about her transplantation in the media. Her father gave her the kidney and saved the life of the daughter.

Sarah Hyland told the media that she is very happy to have a supportive family and thanks her father for his contribution. She worked hard in spite of the pain which she got in the kidney. She is working to help the people with kidney failures and to raise more funds.

3 Lil Wayne

10 Celebrities Who Suffer From Diseases
Lil Wayne–Photo via DancehallHipHop.com

The famous singer, Lil Wayne suffers from epilepsy. The symptoms are severe headache and no other problems. He was taken in a hospital when he attacked 3rd time by the seizures. There are no warning symptoms in epilepsy and the person cannot find the reason for the attack of head pain.

This disease can be dangerous as there are no symptoms and the person is attacked by the severe headache which can cause problems while working or performing on the stage.

2 Robin Roberts

10 Celebrities Who Suffer From Diseases
Photo via CloserWeekly.com

Robin Roberts is a host of American TV news show Good Morning America. She had breast cancer which was revealed in the news and media in the year 2007. Later, she took the treatment of chemotherapy between the years 2007-2008. Her breast cancer treatment went for about 1 and a half month. She was later diagnosed with bone marrow disorder in the year 2012.

Robin slowly recovered from her cancer with the support of her family members. After her treatment, she spoke about her cancer journey and encouraged the people with cancer to bravely fight this disease and focus on the goals.

1 Catherine Zeta- Jones

10 Celebrities Who Suffer From Diseases
Photo via 3d desktop wallpaper – blogger

A famous film actress from Wales, Catherine Zeta-Jones is a beautiful and amazing person too. She suffers from bipolar disease which is a condition of depression.

Catherine then went for treatment of her disease and then she spoke to the media regarding it. The actress has received many awards for her film career.

The diseases can be more painful if there is a fear to fight against them. These film stars have proven that the powerful mind can cure well any chronic disease too.

10 Celebrities Who Suffer From Diseases

RankCelebrities Who Suffer From Diseases
1Catherine Zeta- Jones
2Robin Roberts
3Lil Wayne
4Sarah Hyland
5Frankie Muniz
6Kim Kardashian
7Morgan Freeman
8Paula Deen
9Alec Baldwin
10Kristen Chenoweth


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10 Celebrities Who Suffer From Diseases 10 Celebrities Who Suffer From Diseases

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