Australia’s 10 Greatest Coastal Drives

Coastal Drives

Every country in the world is gifted with some qualities which are unique and different from others. Each country is different in terms of population, weather, nature, climatic conditions, tourists’ destinations, food, music, culture and various other aspects. There are many natural things and spots for our delight and pleasure.

Australia is the land of kangaroos. It has a good weather, nice tourists’ spots, oceans, beaches and awesome night life. The country has low population and less pollution. It is in fact one of the best places many people choose after retirement for settlement.  Australia is famous for its sandy beaches and coastal regions. Today, we will see Australia’s 10 Greatest Coastal Drives.

10 Pacific Coast

Australia's 10 Greatest Coastal Drives
Cape Byron Lighthouse, Byron Bay, NSW | Courtesy of Tourism Australia © Graham Monro

Pacific Coast is a long stretch from starting from Sydney and ending in Brisbane. It is a beautiful coast with mesmerizing deep blue waters of the ocean. This is a must watch holiday destination with your family. You can do swimming and scuba diving in the wonderful and clean waters.

There are some of the rich marine species here like fishes, sea turtles and various other aquatic animals. There are many notable spots for visitors on this stretch like Manning Valley, Southern Gold Coast, Byron Bay and many more.

9 Great Southern Way

Australia's 10 Greatest Coastal Drives
Great Southern Way-Photo via

Another good coastal area of Australia is Great Southern way. The swimming, snorkeling and scuba diving are great things to do here. You can have an amazing sun bath on the beautiful beaches of this coastline. There are many rivers, beaches, waterways for your recreation.

Many parks, coffee bars, shops and restaurants are present on Great Southern way for visitors. This coastal place is great for your adventures and fun. The greenery on the way will make your crazy and it feels like heaven.

8 The Great Ocean Road

Australia's 10 Greatest Coastal Drives
The Great Ocean Road-Photo via

The Great Ocean Road stretches from the cities of Victoria, Torquay and ends at Allansford. It is approximately 243 km in length. The Twelve Apostles consisting of limestone deposits is a very popular spot on this coastal region. Along with this, there are many rainforests, beautiful greeneries and blue clear waters which are just awesome.

Some of the popular tourists’ destinations include Apollo bay, Great Otway National Park and many more parks. You can enjoy this road by driving and taking halts at Geelong villages for fishing activities.

7 Great Eastern Drive (Tasmania)

Australia's 10 Greatest Coastal Drives
Great Eastern Drive (Tasmania)-Photo via

With beautiful white beaches on east coast, Great Eastern drive is one of the most elegant places for tourist destination. You can just enjoy the long walks with your loved ones here. There are many popular places and spots on Great Eastern Drive like Bay of Fires, Honeymoon Bay and many more.

It is a perfect honeymoon destination too. You can enjoy wine and lavish food with your loved ones here. The beautiful mountains with clear blue sky and clouds touching them are just awesome sight to watch.

6 Coral Coast

Australia's 10 Greatest Coastal Drives
Australia’s 10 Greatest Coastal Drives

Coral Coast is a coastal drive which stretches from Cervantes till Exmouth. The specialty of this coastal region is its unique coral formations. The Kalbarri flowers and national parks will surely interest you along with your family members.

There are many elegant beaches on this coastal drive where you can take sun bath and spend time riding on a camel. You can explore many interesting landscapes such as Pinnacles and enjoy lavish sea food in the local restaurants.

5 75 Mile Fraser Island

Australia's 10 Greatest Coastal Drives
75 Mile Fraser Island-Photo via

Fraser Island is a beautiful island situated on the southeastern part of Queensland, Australia. It is biggest Sand Island in the whole world with an area of 1,840 km. The mesmerizing greeneries of rainforests with tall eucalyptus and mangrove trees cover much of the area adding to its beauty more.

There are many marine animals found here in Fraser Island such as crocodile, frogs, snacks, goannas and many more reptiles. Kingfisher Bay is good for your hiking activities. Waddy Beach, Cornwells Break and many more spots will make your trip a cooler one.

4 Captain Cook Highway

Captain Cook Highway-Photo via

Captain Cook Highway is a popular highway staring from Cairns and has its end at Mossman. The road has many tropical forests, beautiful mountains and Daintree national park. The Mossman gorge is a great place for relaxation with your family.

It has amazing greenery and seat arrangement. You can plan a trip a road trip on Captain Cook Highway to explore the beauty of the nature with many spots and places here.

3 Limestone Coast

Australia's 10 Greatest Coastal Drives
Limestone Coast-Photo via SouthAustralia

At number 3, it is Limestone Coast which is situated in the south-eastern part of Southern Australia. It is popular spot for world class wine. The coast had settlement somewhere in the mid-18th century and from that time; various activities take place here like farming, tourism and forestry. The lakes and lagoons dominate this coast.

The climate is pleasant here which is perfect for your holidays. There are many eucalyptus trees on the way and other nature spots for view. There are many habitats here such as Pacific black duck, black swan, grey teal and others.

2 Lap of Tassie

Australia's 10 Greatest Coastal Drives
Coastal Drives-Photo via

Lap of Tassie is one more adventurous spot for all your activities and fun. Mount Field National Park and Donaghy’s Hill are good places for sight-seeing. You can also take fun by watching the Tsmanian Pademelons which are special here. The amazing Montezuma Waterfalls will just feel like lost in the heaven with knowing some of the historical background at Strahan.

You can spend a night with your loved ones and friends near Henty Dunes. Wineglass bay and East Coast Natureworld which is a famous wildlife sanctuary will drive you crazy.

1 Indian Ocean Drive

Australia's 10 Greatest Coastal Drives
Indian Ocean Drive-Photo via Wikipedia

Indian Ocean Drive is a coastal area which stretches from Lancelin till Brand Highway. You can explore the deserts and Yanchep National Park in the way. You can take the pleasure from wildflowers which are found in abundance here.

With many beautiful sandy beaches to notable landscapes, the trip to Indian Ocean Drive is a lovely one which will be a memorable one in your whole life.

Explore Australia once in your entire life and enjoy its superb beaches and awesome landscapes.

Australia’s 10 Greatest Coastal Drives

1. Indian Ocean Drive
2. Lap of Tassie
3. Limestone Coast
4. Captain Cook Highway
5. 75 Mile Fraser Island
6. Coral Coast
7. Great Eastern Drive (Tasmania)
8. The Great Ocean Road
9. Great Southern Way
10. Pacific Coast



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