Top 10 Amazing Facts About Human Body

Facts About Human Body

To become a human is the biggest blessing from God.  Human body has many organs which perform different functions. There are numerous cells and tissues. A human body includes a head, trunk (thorax and abdomen), hands, feet, arms and feet. Doctors and physiologists conduct the studies of human body in their career field. Human body is made from many elements such as oxygen, hydrogen, carbon, phosphorus and calcium. There are many systems in the human body which comprise of different organs for doing various functions such as respiration, reproduction, digestion and many more.

The study of the human body is known as human physiology which dates back to 400 BC to the period of Hippocrates in Greece. There are many amazing facts of human body which you would love to know. Let’s read about the Top 10 Amazing Facts About Human Body.

10 You Grow Daily

Top 10 Amazing Facts About Human Body
Human Body-Photo via Verywell

You will be surely surprised to read this unusual fact that whenever you go to sleep at night, you grow by approximately 0.3 in each day. The next morning when you wake up, you will come back to your original height.

This unusual growth of height is because your cartilage discs are pressed firmly during the sleep with the force of gravitation. This often happens when you are standing at some place or sitting on chair or sofa set. Don’t measure your height tonight as it only happens after you go to sleep.

9 Stomach Acid

Top 10 Amazing Facts About Human Body
Stomach Acid-Photo via

This is one of the amazing facts of your body. Stomach acid present in the human body is very strong and they get renewed at a very fast rate. The cells which are renewed each time in your stomach are far much more than the stomach cells which get destroyed.

And the stomach acids in the human are so strong that even the sharp razor blades and zinc can be dissolved in them. This is certainly some new facts which you heard about your stomach acids.

8 Innumerable Blood Cells

Top 10 Amazing Facts About Human Body
Innumerable Blood Cells-Photo via The Franklin Institute

Have you ever thought the number of blood cells in your body? So, the answer is if you count the whole of your blood cells it will spread around 60,000 miles or you can say two and a half times the whole of our planet earth.

These blood cells are very necessary in our body for our survival and protect our body from severe diseases. They give the resistant power in our body which keeps us active and fit to perform all tasks well.

7 Hearing Capacity

This is one of the amazing human body’s facts. When you have eaten too much in lunch or dinner, your hearing capacity lessens. After eating a heavy meal not only your stomach but also your ears feel heavy and can’t make that sharp hearing as they can before eating.

So, whenever you have the school or college lectures, avoid eating too or else you cannot probably hear properly to what your teachers and professors teach you.

6 Active Brain

Top 10 Amazing Facts About Human Body
Active Brain-Photo via

You know that human brain works more actively in the night rather than the daytime. The reason for this fact is still unknown as scientists too are finding for them but they have not got the reasons. It may due to various reasons that at night we have a peaceful environment than daytime where we are involved in many routine activities.

Brain needs a silent atmosphere to work faster which cannot be possible in the day hours. Now, if you want to study or perform some important task do it mainly at night.

5 Smelling Sense

Top 10 Amazing Facts About Human Body
Top 10 Amazing Facts About Human Body

Do you about the smelling senses in both the man and woman. Females can smell in a much better way than what males can. Women can smell something good or bad faster than men.

They are very powerful smellers and can judge your perfume and fragrances at once. Females have the powerful and strong-smelling senses throughout their life.

4 Taste Buds

Top 10 Amazing Facts About Human Body
Taste Buds-Photo via Pinterest

Your taste buds begin to lose with the growing age. When you reach up to the age of 60 years, about 50% of your taste buds will be lost.  This is the reason why people are not that fond of eating their favorite food after the 60 years of age which they used to eat in their young age.

Your tongue will begin to lose the taste of delicacies with the passing age. The people with more than 55 years of age eat less food due to this reason as they don’t feel the food tasty anymore.

3 Human Tears

Human Tears-Photo via

We all know that whenever we are very happy or sad, we cry. The human tears can only be produced by then human beings. None of the species on the earth can produce such emotional tears. Some people can even produce crocodile tears or can cry with the help of glycerin too.

2 Human Hair

Photo via YouTube

This is one of the really interesting facts about human body. Human hair can survive for a period between 3-7 years on an average. In today’s fast age, harmful chemicals, pollution, strong shampoos and hair conditioners are one more reason for losing your hair at a younger age. So, it is very necessary to take care of your valuable hair as they will anyhow lose between the 3-7 years.

1 Babies’ Eyes

Photo via Today’s Parent

Most of the babies have blue colored eyes on their birth time. It is after that their eyes are exposed to ultraviolet light and the main thing melanin which gradually change the colors of their eyes. Babies’ eye color is changed after few months of their birth.

So, notice some of your friend’s or relative’s babies, it will be of blue color at their birth time and after some time, the eye color of the baby comes back to true one.

These facts are very general and common which are related to our every day’s routine life. So now, you would have definitely gained much knowledge about human body to tell your friends. Next time, if someone asks about human body you have many things to tell.

Top 10 Amazing Facts About Human Body

1. Babies’ Eyes
2. Human Hair
3. Human Tears
4. Taste Buds
5. Smelling Sense
6. Active Brain
7. Hearing Capacity
8. Innumerable Blood Cells
9. Stomach Acid
10. You Grow Daily

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