Top 10 Awesome Skywalks In The World

Awesome Skywalks

A skywalk is nothing but a pathway consisting of a covered footbridge connecting two buildings in an urban area. The skywalk (or skyway) is used by pedestrians for walking or standing at a considerable height from the ground. Different skywalks from around the world present different views of the landscape below.

Some are breathtakingly spectacular while some may send a chill down the spine. Here we give you Top 10 Awesome Skywalks In The World that are a must-see before you die.

10 Grand Canyon Skywalk

Top 10 Awesome Skywalks In The World
Grand Canyon Skywalk — Photo via

The Grand Canyon Skywalk in Arizona, USA offers a magnificent view of the canyon from its western rim. It is built as a horse-shoe shaped cantilever bridge with glass floorway that can withstand substantial seismic and wind forces. The vertical drop directly beneath the skywalk is between 150 m (500 ft) and 240 m (800ft).

The bridge was commissioned and is owned by the Native Hualapai Indian tribe who inhabit this territory. The walkway can carry about 822 people but only 120 are allowed at a time. The nearest cities are Kingman in the south and Las Vegas in the North.

9 The Ledge, Willis Tower

Top 10 Awesome Skywalks In The World
The Ledge, Willis Tower — Photo via

Willis Tower, formerly known as Sears Tower in Chicago, has a retractable glass-box observation deck called The Skydeck at the 103rd floor of the building. The Skydeck was informally dubbed as ‘The Ledge’ where adventurous tourists can get a mind-boggling view of the city below, along with the Illinois plains and Lake Michigan with it.

The Skydeck was opened to the public in June 1974. In 2009, the Skydeck was renovated and all-glass boxes were installed, about 1.2 m from the façade of 103rd floor. At an astounding height of 412m (1353 ft), the panoramic view from within a 4.3 m wide glass-box is a major tourist attraction in the city.

8 Glacier Skywalk

Top 10 Awesome Skywalks In The World
Glacier Skywalk — Photo via

Located in the Alberta province of the Canadian Rockies, it is similar to the Grand Canyon Skywalk with a glass floored observation platform on a cantilever bridge-structure. It is built at a height of 280m above the ground level, off the edge of a cliff over the Sunwapta Valley.

The view of the glacier and the Jasper National Park surroundings is really a feast for the eyes of conventional tourists as well as thrill-seeking, adventurous individuals.

7 Edgewalk, CN Tower

Top 10 Awesome Skywalks In The World
Edgewalk, CN Tower — Photo via

The iconic CN Tower in downtown Toronto is the third-tallest tower in the world and it boasts of The Edgewalk, a skywalk situated 356 m above the ground. Situated at the 116th floor, daredevil visitors can walk in a group of 6 people at a time, attached to an overhead safety rail.

The Edgewalk is world’s highest hands-free, full-circle walk on a narrow ledge outside a tall building. The thrill of the walk is the prize of the dare while the view from the top is said to be equally rewarding. The walk is closed in winter and adverse weather conditions.

6 Aiguille du Midi Skywalk

Top 10 Awesome Skywalks In The World
Aiguille du Midi Skywalk — Photo via Pinterest

Also called “Step into the Void”, the skywalk is a glass room with a glass floor located off the uppermost terrace of Aiguille du Midi Mountain in Chamonix, French Alps. A cable car service takes passengers from Chamonix to Aiguille du Midi, covering a distance of 2800m which is a memorable journey in itself.

It is at an altitude of 3842m that allows a picturesque view of the surrounding landscape consisting of the highest peaks of Western Europe and the Bossons Glacier. It was opened to the general public in December 21, 2013. Another interesting point is that those standing in the skywalk have nothing but 1 km of free air below the feet!

5 Tiefenbachkogl Viewing Platform

Top 10 Awesome Skywalks In The World
Tiefenbachkogl Viewing Platform — Photo via Youtube

This is not exactly a skywalk but the view that is obtained from this platform is worth mentioning among the notable skywalks that provide a similar spectacle. The vista from this place is like a heavenly dream for visitors.

The Tyrolean Alps in Austria have no better observation point than Tiefenbachkogl. In calm weather condition, it poses an excellent spot for nature photography. It is very much favored by intermediate-level skiers who throng the mountain for sport.

4 Langkawi Skybridge

Top 10 Awesome Skywalks In The World
Langkawi Skybridge — Photo via Wikipedia

It is a 125 m pedestrian suspended bridge built atop the Machinchang Mountain, located 660 m above sea-level in the Langkawi archipelago in Malaysia. It was designed as a curved structure to maximize the viewing experience that shifts the perspective of the pedestrian while walking on the bridge.

It can be accessed via a cable car that takes people to the peak of mountain, from where they can take an inclined rift (SkyGlide) to the bridge. The constantly altering point of view (POV) of the surroundings is worth the wait while getting to the top.

3 Tianmen Mountain Skywalk

Top 10 Awesome Skywalks In The World
Tianmen Mountain Skywalk — Photo via

The Tianmen Mountain Skywalk is perhaps the scariest and coolest mountain skywalk in the world. Clinging to the rugged peaks of Tianmen in Hunan Province of China, the original walkway stands at an unbelievable height of 1400m which is dubbed as the “Walk of Faith”.

It was opened on November 2011. Two more skywalks were inaugurated. The latest one- Coiling Dragon Cliff- was opened in August 2016 and is completely made of glass, which stands over an elevation of 1400 m. Visitors are said to clench the rugged stone walls while traversing the transparent pathway.

2 Sky Tower

Top 10 Awesome Skywalks In The World
Sky Tower — Photo via

This is the tallest man-made structure (328m) in New Zealand as well as the entire Southern Hemisphere. It has an observation center deck with glass floor as well as a glass-fronted elevator that serves a 40 seconds ride.

The city of Auckland can be viewed from 220 m above the street level, and also a 360˚ panoramic view for about 80 kms in any direction. The tower also features a bungee-jumping sport called the SkyJump, which only adds to the tourist attraction to the building.

1 Tamborine Rainforest Skywalk

Top 10 Awesome Skywalks In The World
Tamborine Rainforest Skywalk — Photo via

The skywalk is located at Tamborine Mountain in Queensland, Australia. It is set in 30 acres of private rainforest land, beside Cedar Creek on Mt. Tamborine. It gives visitors a perfect opportunity of exploring the beautiful rainforest canopies.

The skywalk consists of 300 metres of high-tech steel bridges and a 40 m cantilever bridge, which is present 30 metres above rainforest and creek. The perfect destination for ecotourism and eco-adventure, it is often frequented by players who visit Australia for matches, for sightseeing purposes.

Thus we see that skywalks are elegant combination of great heights and wonderful sceneries. Being in one, we can have the feeling of being on top the world and feel free of burdens that bring us down.

Top 10 Awesome Skywalks In The World

1. Tamborine Rainforest Skywalk

2. Sky Tower

3. Tianmen Mountain Skywalk

4. Langkawi Skybridge

5. Tiefenbachkogl Viewing Platform

6. Aiguille du Midi Skywalk

7. Edgewalk, CN Tower

8. Glacier Skywalk

9. The Ledge, Willis Tower

10. Grand Canyon Skywalk

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