Top 10 Bad Smelling Places to Visit

Smelling Places

Earth has been gifted with many nature spots and beautiful places which are worth to see once in a life time. There are seas, oceans, parks, deserts, mountains, valleys and what not on our planet which gives us a pleasure at one look. Travelling to new places is the passion which everyone has in its life but unfortunately can’t be fulfilled due to the pressures of work and other priorities. We normally choose the most popular holiday destinations for planning a family trip or a long tour. Beaches, resorts, museums, gardens, deserts and many more wonderful spots are on our list when we plan to travel.

However, you must be surprised to know that there are some places in the world which are famous for its bad and stinking smell. Quite shocked right? But it is the fact that some places smell so dirty that you can’t even stand for a minute there. Let’s have a look on Top 10 Bad Smelling Places To Visit.

10 Seal Island

Top 10 Bad Smelling Places to Visit
Seal Island-Photo via

Starting with number 10, we have one of the islands in South Africa called Seal Island which is in Cape Town. There are lots and lots of fur seals here and also many marine species like white sharks which are its habitats. The Cape fur seals catch their prey around the island which makes the area very dirty to smell. The white sharks catch fur seals and kill them for food.

Although it is an island but Seal island is not a worth place to experience as it has very bad smell which spreads to larger area leaving a bad impression in the minds of those who visit here.

9 Fes, Morocco

Top 10 Bad Smelling Places to Visit
Fes, Morocco Bad Smelling Places-Photo via

Morocco has been the popular holiday destinations since ages because of its beautiful sandy beaches and historical structures. But in this case it is not so. There are many leather making industries here which slaughter the animals for extracting the leather.

The killings of animals leave a bad smell in the entire area of leather industries in cities like Fes and Marrakech. The animal flesh and ammonia in the industries make it very unpleasant to visit this place. There are no modernized facilities here to get rid of the bad smell like air fresheners.

8 La Brea Tar Pits, Los Angeles

Top 10 Bad Smelling Places to Visit
La Brea Tar Pits, Los Angeles-Photo via

La Brea Tar Pits is situated in Los Angeles which contains larger amounts of natural asphalt since thousands of years. The area is covered by dust and water many a times. There are also bones of animals in this pit which makes it a very dirty and unpleasant spot to visit.

The spot is believed to have human remains and there was a lake. Many other elements are found here such as gilsonite, pollen grains, wood, insects and many other dirty particles. The bones of animals make the pit all the worse to smell.

7 Phan Thiet, Vietnam

Top 10 Bad Smelling Places to Visit
Top 10 Bad Smelling Places to Visit-Photo via VietnamTravelMagazine

Phan Thiet is located on the south eastern part of Vietnam. The site is famous for many fishes due to the presence of numerous beaches. Fish sauce is produces in about millions of liters each here due to which the place has a pungent smell.

Every day, many activities take place here right from washing the fishes till chopping them and taking them for cooking purposes. The dead fishes really smell worst and it is one of the dirtiest places in the world for visit.

6 The Blue Lagoon, Iceland

Top 10 Bad Smelling Places to Visit
The Blue Lagoon, Iceland-Photo via Global Geothermal News – blogger

The Blue Lagoon sees many tourists each year because of its geothermal spa. The spa comes in the Reykjanes Peninsula which is a site of volcanic eruption. The water in the pools of Blue Lagoon contains silica and sulfur.

The blue color of the water is due to the presence of silicate minerals in it. There are many cosmetics companies in the nearby locations. The Blue Lagoon pool is also shown in one of U.S. television series.

5 Bird Island Nature Reserve, South Africa

Bird Island Nature Reserve is situated in Lambert’s Bay in South Africa. The history of this reserve is something very different. The bird feces were collected for preparing fertilizers from here around 18th and 19th century.

The site is dominated by many cormorants from many years. The bird excreta in this site decompose over the time and give a very bad and unpleasant smell but yet it is now the tourist destination in spite of the dirty smell of bird feces.

4 Rotorua, New Zealand

Top 10 Bad Smelling Places to Visit
Photo via A steamy smelly place

Rotorua is the city situated in the Bay of Plenty, New Zealand. It is in the middle of North Island. This city is popular for its geothermal activity from many years. There are geysers and hot mud pools here. As the name “Rotorua”, the smell here is just like rotten eggs.

The pungent and sharp smell is that of the deposits of sulphur and if you visit this place, your clothes may give a stinking smell like that of rotten eggs. Rotorua has 17 lakes and many activities are taken place there such as swimming and fishing. This region is one of the most popular tourist destinations.

3 Funen Island, Denmark

Top 10 Bad Smelling Places to Visit
Funen Island, Denmark-Photo via Silverkris

Funen is an island in the heart of the country. After research, the toilets have been found out which relates to 14th century. Human feces have been found here and still now, it smells very bad. There used to be barrel latrines which people had in earlier times.

The smell is still very pungent and it very unpleasant site to be visited. Scientists found out that the fishes were stored here and it was also a site for transportation of goods.

2 Vila Nova de Gaia, Portugal

Top 10 Bad Smelling Places to Visit
strong and alcoholic smell-Photo via Trover

Vila Nova de Gaia is the city in Norte Region, Portugal. This place is famous for its port wine which is popular in the whole world. Romans ruled here and human settlements have been found out in this site. The grapes for the port wine are grown in Douro valley which is not much far from the city.

The grapes are processed and then wine is prepared and stored. The city has strong and alcoholic smell which will make you unconscious for some minutes.

1 The Paris Sewers

Photo via

The Paris sewers have the history back to mid-13th century. In those times, it was used for throwing waste matters. The industrial waste and other household wastage materials were thrown here due to which it still smells very bad.

The Paris sewers were a huge dumping ground which has left its dirty smell till the present day.  It is now the tourist destination visited by many people.

These places had a history due to which they still smell very bad. It is very surprising to know that they are still in bad condition.

Top 10 Bad Smelling Places to Visit

1. The Paris Sewers
2. Vila Nova de Gaia, Portugal
3. Funen Island, Denmark
4. Rotorua, New Zealand
5. Bird Island Nature Reserve, South Africa
6. The Blue Lagoon, Iceland
7. Phan Thiet, Vietnam
8. La Brea Tar Pits, Los Angeles
9. Fes, Morocco
10.Seal Island

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