Top 10 Most Beautiful Japanese Celebrities

Most Beautiful Japanese Celebrities

Beauty is a blend of perfect facial features and a powerful mind. Each woman has her own beauty which is dependent on many factors such as climatic conditions, genetics and various other features. Each woman has different features, skin color, hair color and many other characteristics in every country.

Japan is one of the most advanced nations of the globe in technology, infrastructure, automobiles and much more. The Japanese film industry has flourished in recent years and many young and talented actors have acted in various Japanese movies. They are bold, beautiful and smart actors. Let’s have a look on Top 10 Most Beautiful Japanese Celebrities.

10 Nanako Matsushima

Top 10 Most Beautiful Japanese Celebrities
Nanako Matsushima — Photo via

A sexy and beautiful actress and model from Japan, Nanako Matsushima has acted in some of the most popular movies like A Story of Love and Rings. Her one of the dramas,” Kaseifu no Mita” was the super hit in Japan. Nanako Matsushima has acted in many TV series like Suna no Tou, Lucky Seven and many more.

Her most notable movies include Bizan, When Marnie Was There and others. In spite of being 43 years old, Nanako Matsushima is among the most beautiful actresses in Japan.

9 Keiko Kitagawa

Top 10 Most Beautiful Japanese Celebrities
Keiko Kitagawa — Photo via

Keiko Kitagawa was the face of the cover page of the magazine Seventeen. She is bold and beautiful Japanese model and actress did good acting in movies like Mamiya Kyodai and The Fast and the Furious Tokyo Drift. At a young age, she was selected by an agency after which she began her modeling career in Tokyo and then shifted to California to pursue film career.

Keiko Kitagawa has also acted in many TV series with even being a writer. She has been awarded with Television Drama Academy Awards.

8 Yui Aragaki

Top 10 Most Beautiful Japanese Celebrities
Yui Aragaki — Photo via

A beautiful and hot actress from Japan, Yui Aragaki is a multitalented personality being a model, anchor and singer too. At a very young age, she pursued the career in modeling and appeared on the cover pages of magazines. Her first TV drama was Dragon Zakura.

Later on, she got the chances to act in other dramas such as My Hero and My Boss. Yui has got many awards in her acting career like Golden Arrow Awards and the Nikkan Sports Film Award for her film Koizora.

7 Maki Horikita

Top 10 Most Beautiful Japanese Celebrities
Maki Horikita — Photo via Pinterest

Maki Horikita is a ravishing and stunning actress from Japan. She is a model too who has done many advertisements and appeared as a face on the cover photos of fashion magazines. Maki Horikita is signed by many popular brands such as NTT DoCoMo and Suntory.

She acted extremely superb in the roles in TV Series such as Densha Otoko and Nobuta wo Produce. She has won many awards for her best acting in TV series. Some of her good movies are Seventh Anniversary, Hirakata, Shinku and many more.

6 Rie Miyazawa

Top 10 Most Beautiful Japanese Celebrities
Rie Miyazawa — Photo via

A hot and sensational Japanese model, singer and actress, Rie Miyazawa has every film talent in herself. She appears on the cover pages of various magazines and in many commercials. Her career got the breakthrough with the ad of Kit Kat when she was just 11 years old.

Rie Miyazawa has also acted in many TV series and done many stage shows too. She has got many awards for her best acting in TV series and some of her best movies. Rie Miyazawa is one of the most talented Japanese celebrities.

5 Reon Kadena

A hot and sensational actress and model, Reon Kadena appeared in many photobooks and glamour videos at a very young age. Her first film was Piikan Fufu and later on, she acted in many other films and comedy TV series.

The role of Eren Komori in Kamer Ride Series is well appreciated. Her some of the best glamour videos include Leon, Girl’s Desire, Reon Style and many more.

4 Koyuki

Top 10 Most Beautiful Japanese Celebrities
Koyuki — Photo via Pinterest

Koyuki is one of the hottest Japanese actresses. She got her career breakthrough with the film Pulse. Later on, she got a chance to act in international film named The Last Samurai with Tom Cruise. Her other films are Blood: The Last Vampire, Alive, Kamui Gaiden, Persona Non Grata and many more.

Koyuki has acted in many TV dramas such as Taburoido, Engine, Fragile and others. She has beautiful face with lovely eyes, lips and charming personality who can make anyone to fall in love with her.

3 Maria Ozawa

Maria Ozawa is a beautiful, sexy and hot Japanese model and actress. She appeared in one of the chocolate commercials at the age of 16 years. Maria Ozawa is popular for her sexy videos. She has also acted in many TV series and films too.

She has also serves as host in HAPPinas Happy Hour on TV5. Maria appeared as a guest in the radio show of Manila namely Magic 89.9’s “Boys Night Out”.

2 Masami Nagasawa

Masami Nagasawa is a smart, bold and sexy Japanese gravure idol, model and actress. She made the debut with her first movie Gunjo which was released in the year 2009. Her some of the best TV dramas are Tobosha, Sakura, Sanada Maru and many more.

Masami Nagasawa has appeared in many movies such as Nagori Yuki, Crossfire and others. She has won many awards for her outstanding performance in TV dramas and also for her boundless beauty.

1 Yukie Nakama

Top 10 Most Beautiful Japanese Celebrities
Yukie Nakama — Photo via

Yukie Nakama is one of the sexiest and hottest Japanese celebrities. She is a model, singer and actress too. She began her career with singing and her first song was “Moonlight to Daybreak” and later on, she got the chance to act in many TV series such as Trick, Gokusen and Saki.

Yukie Nakama was endorsed by many popular companies like Shiseido, Lotte, Glico and many more. She was once a spokesperson in Japan railways too.

These Japanese beauties have emerged into a new face of Japanese film industry and they have made their way into Hollywood with their talent and passion. They are smart, beautiful and amazing personalities of Japanese film world which have been an ideal for the coming generation in the films.

Top 10 Most Beautiful Japanese Celebrities

1. Yukie Nakama

2. Masami Nagasawa

3. Maria Ozawa

4. Koyuki

5. Reon Kadena

6. Rie Miyazawa

7. Maki Horikita

8. Yui Aragaki

9. Keiko Kitagawa

10. Nanako Matsushima


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