Top 10 Most Beautiful Motorcycles of All Time

Beautiful Motorcycles

Bikes and motorcycles add to the passion of every guy and man in the world. A good motorcycle is the symbol of manliness and increases the charm of a man. There are many types of motorcycles designed for various purposes like sports, long distance travelling or riding it on normal streets. Many designs and colors come in motorcycles in recent days. Hildebrand & Wolfmuller was the first motorcycle manufactured in the year 1894.

The motorcycle is a beneficial vehicle due to less fuel consumption and requires less space for parking. The motorcycle has been developed in a number of ways from year to year. There are many new additions which are made in the production of motorcycle each year. Let’s have a look on Top 10 Most Beautiful Motorcycles of All Time.

10 MV Agusta F4CC

Top 10 Most Beautiful Motorcycles of All Time
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MV Agusta F4CC is one of the sexiest bikes designed by Massimo Tamburini. It has many great features such as four pipe exhausts, large front forks with 4 valves per cylinder engine. It is equipped with “TSS” system for increasing torque.

This motorcycle came in the year 2006. It has 163.7 hp and costs $120,000 with 1078 cc engine. The piston rods, crank and valves are made up of titanium. This model is one of the best ones in the list of 100 motorcycles in the world. The hot black color of the motorcycle is eye catching.

9 2016 Suzuki SV650

Top 10 Most Beautiful Motorcycles of All Time
2016 Suzuki SV650-Photo via AsphaltandRubber

Suzuki SV650 is a street motorcycle manufactured by Suzuki Motor Corporation in the year 1999. It has V-twin engine with medium performance components. The bike is light in weight and smooth for driving on the normal roads. It has rigid chassis and strong handles.

The motorcycle went many changes in the later years and new modifications were done like aluminum truss frame and swing-arm with revised rear brake. The electronic fuel induction was placed instead of carburetor. The later versions had plastic frame covers, passenger pegs, narrow designed seat and the colors were changed.


Photo via Fastbikes

Cagiva is a motorcycle manufacturer from Italy. It manufactures motorcycles which are driven in Dakar and Motocross competitions and Grand Prix motorcycle race. It uses Ducati four stroke v-twin engines from the range of 350-1000 cc in their motorcycles.

Randy Mamola was the leading motorcycle rider of Cagiva V589 model for 3 years. Eddie Lawson and John Kocinski won the Grand Prix Race championships by riding this model of Cagiva. It has hot look with mesmerizing red color and smooth riding.

7 2016 Star Bolt C-Spec

Top 10 Most Beautiful Motorcycles of All Time
2016 Star Bolt C-Spec-Photo via

A café racer motorcycle, Star Bolt C-spec was originally introduced in the year 2014. It has many great features such as 942 cc air-cooled 4-stroke with V-twin engine. The performance of this motorcycle is appreciated by all those who have driven it.

It has aluminum double cradle frame and telescopic forks. The fuel capacity of this motorcycle is 12 L and wave disc brakes. The Star Bolt has 9mm longer tubes with Michelin Commander II tires.

6 Harley Davidson Duo Glide

Top 10 Most Beautiful Motorcycles of All Time
harley-Photo via Pinterest

Harley Davidson bikes catch attraction of the people each time on the streets. Harley Davidson is a motorcycle manufacturer from America. It has V-twin engines with an awesome seat. The motorcycle has rear swing arm with coil units.

The suspended chassis gave the name of the bike as Duo glide.  The motorcycle has stunning colors and a good shaped gas tank. The rider feels a different and rich level of riding on the street while taking this luxurious and sexy bike.

5 KTM Duke 390

KTM Duke 390-Photo via

KTM motorcycles are the some of the most royal ones in the world. It has a beautiful TFT display which changes the colors on start of the engine. You can also place your mobile phones on the bike with your hands comfortably on handles.

The LED headlights will give a sexier look to your bike at night. The motorcycle has 1-cylinder, 4-stroke engine with 32kw power. The chassis are made from steel and have powder coating. This bike is one of the hottest and most beautiful of all time.

4 Ducati Desmosedici RR

Top 10 Most Beautiful Motorcycles of All Time
Ducati Desmosedici RR-Photo via

This motorcycle was manufactured in limited number. It is basically a sport bike which came in the year of 2006. Ducati Desmosedici RR has desmodromic V4 989cc engine with 141.1 kw engine. The front brakes are dual semi-floating disc ones. The fuel capacity of this bike is 15 L and it has a lovely seat for the rider.

The adjustable rakes make your ride a smooth one. There were only 1500 models manufactured of this motorcycle. This bike was compared to MotoGP race bike because of its hot look.

3 Triumph Bonneville Street Twin

Triumph Bonneville Street Twin-Photo via

Having a twin four-stroke engine, Triumph Bonneville is a luxurious bike. The motorcycle has 900 cc engines with two people’s cool seat. The stunning black color of the bike with sexy handles makes the ride a good experience.

There are many other great features of this motorcycle such as USB charging point. The headlights give your bike a better look at night. This bike is one of the sexiest looking bikes of the year 2016.

2 Kawasaki Z900A 1 1973

Top 10 Most Beautiful Motorcycles of All Time
Top 10 Most Beautiful Motorcycles of All Time-Photo via

This motorcycle is a two-people motorcycle manufactured by Kawasaki in the year 1973. It has 4 cylinder and carburetor with air cooling. The bike has stiff frame compared to other bike models. The brakes and side cover has been improved in this model.

This bike received the title of “Machine of the Year” from MCN. The speed of the bike is 210km/h. The bike has shining black color with bright yellow pattern.

1 Ducati 916 SPS

Ducati 916 SPS-Photo via OddBike

Ducati 916 SPS is a sexy sport bike manufactured in the year 1996. It has 4 valves with 916 cc engine. It has received the title of one of the sexiest bikes of all times. The bike was designed by Fabio Taglioni who made use of camshafts for operating engine valves.

The single-sided swing arm was made in way which accelerated the speed in races. The amazing seat arrangement is one of the best features in the bike.

These bikes were manufactured before many years but still its design and colors with powerful features remain same in the heart of riders.

Top 10 Most Beautiful Motorcycles of All Time

1. Ducati 916 SPS
2. Kawasaki Z900A 1 1973
3. Triumph Bonneville Street Twin
4. Ducati Desmosedici RR
5. KTM Duke 390
6. Harley Davidson Duo Glide
7. 2016 Star Bolt C-Spec
8. CAGIVA V589
9. 2016 Suzuki SV650
10. MV Agusta F4CC


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