Top 10 Most Beautiful Nocturnal Animals In The World

Most Beautiful Nocturnal Animals In The World

Nature’s beauty is captivating and alluring during day time. Little do we know that night time despite offering quietude and sound sleep also has beauty which flourishes at night showing a different existence of world in the same ecosystem. There are animals who comes out at night, they are known as nocturnal animals. They often hide in their burrows during day time to escape the day temperature or to avoid predators.

These animals are gifted with special abilities to survive during night time. They either have some eyesight which enables them to see in low lights or hearing abilities to find their prey or their biological clock is activated which let them stay awake at night. Let us see the Top 10 Most Beautiful Nocturnal Animals In The World.

10 Firefly

Top 10 Most Beautiful Nocturnal Animals In The World
Firefly — Photo via Youtube

They are also known as lightning bugs. The peculiar characteristic is due to bioluminescence on abdomen. Fireflies produce light with no infrared or ultraviolet frequencies at twilight to attract their mates or prey. They are found in tropical or temperate climate.They are also known as glow worms during their larvae stage.

9 Slow loris

Top 10 Most Beautiful Nocturnal Animals In The World
Slow loris — Photo via Youtube

Slow Loris are the slowest animal in the world found in Southeast Asia. There are five different species of Slow Loris in the world. They appear at night to forage for food. They are omnivores and feed on insects, small birds and worms etc. They have large eyes which helps them to see at night, also their hearing senses are more active at night to hear and sense any prey.

They are noticed for their distinct features, they have human like hands which helps them to have a firm grip on branches of trees. During day time they are slept on trees or in the crevices.

8 Red eyed tree frog

Top 10 Most Beautiful Nocturnal Animals In The World
Red eyed tree frog — Photo via

During daytime you may often see a red spot on green tree. Do not miss it next time it could be a red eyed frog which has camouflaged its body with the colour of leaves. They are found in lowland rainforest of Central America and Mexico.

They are nocturnal who appear at night. The purpose of large red eyes are that they create an illusion in predator mind that it could be a large animals with such large eyes.

7 Red panda

Top 10 Most Beautiful Nocturnal Animals In The World
Red panda – Photo via

Red panda does not belong to panda category they have their own classification known as Ailuridae. They are often smaller in size as compared to giant panda. They sleep during day on trees and often comes out at night to forage food.

They are hunted for their brown fur hence endangered animal. They are found in eastern Himalayas in India and China. It is said they exhibit these characteristic to protect themselves from predators such as snow leopards.

6 Bats

Top 10 Most Beautiful Nocturnal Animals In The World
Bats — Photo via

A horror films never fails to scare their audience by having bats in their films. It is widely famous nocturnal animal known. Bats are gifted with echolocation power i.e. When they produce a sound and if the sound comes back in the same direction, they will know some object or animal is there.

This helps them to catch their prey. They are often found hanging upside down on trees during the day. Bats are the only mammals who can fly.

5 Hyenas

Top 10 Most Beautiful Nocturnal Animals In The World
Hyenas — Photo via

An extinct animal but most essential in African forest. They are regarded as dangerous in many cultures. Hyenas morphologically falls in canine category. They live in groups. They come out at night to catch their preys but they sometimes are seen at early morning hours as well.

4 Raccoon

Top 10 Most Beautiful Nocturnal Animals In The World
Raccoon — Photo via

Racoons are most dexterous animals. They are seen during day as well, but search of food begins during night time. They are mostly found in wooded forest of North America. They eat almost anything like insects, eggs, fish, nuts and fruits. They have sharp vision to forage food during night.

Their brown fur and black mass on face which helps them to camouflage during night time and protect from predators. They are mostly seems as pests as they often rummage through the garbage to find food.

3 Barn owls

Top 10 Most Beautiful Nocturnal Animals In The World
Barn owls — Photo via

Barn owls are animals found across world except Antarctica. They are found in urban dwellings as well as in forest. They remain dormant during day in their holes and often hunt at night. Their distinct heart face and jagged wings are sight to behold. They have special adaptations for their nocturnal hunting. They have sharp eyesight.

Their ears are situated outside which helps them to hear minute sound. Their large plumage helps them in muffling the sound of their flight. Their brown and grey spotting camouflage them better. Their sharp talons and beak are useful in catching the prey better.

2 The Luna moth

Top 10 Most Beautiful Nocturnal Animals In The World
The Luna moth — Photo via

They appear at night and are often spotted near outdoor lights. They have wide hind wings, curvy tails at the bottom and distinctive eye spots on four wings. Their wings span may be upto 3-4 inches green in colour.

Male and female appear same only difference is male antennas are more feathery. They are found in hardwood deciduous forests of North America. They appear as egg and plump into lime green colour caterpillar with tiny orange spots and feed on white birch, sweet gum and alder trees.

After transcending from caterpillar, it forms a brown cocoon around itself and transform into adult moth. The adult moth doesn’t eat anything and dies after 7 days. The only purpose of their survival is to mate and reproduce.

1 Sugar Gliders

Top 10 Most Beautiful Nocturnal Animals In The World
Sugar Gliders — Photo via Pinterest

As the name says it all these animals have special features of gliding. Their wrist and ankles are connected with special membrane which initiate their movement. Their food consist of sugary fruits or vegetables. Hence the name Sugar Gliders.

They are found in forests of Australia and Indonesia. They have big large eyes which provides vision at night and their hearing sense are active which aids in looking for their prey. They can also be kept as pet unless they don’t break your sleep with their nocturnal activities.

These top ten nocturnal animals with their special features and distinct abilities help them to survive and balance the ecosystem.

Top 10 Most Beautiful Nocturnal Animals In The World

1. Sugar Gliders

2. The Luna moth

3. Barn owls

4. Raccoon

5. Hyenas

6. Bats

7. Red panda

8. Red eyed tree frog

9. Slow loris

10. Firefly

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