Top 10 Best Breakfasts

Best Breakfasts

Breakfast plays an integral role in our day to day routine. It gives us strength for the whole day and provides us good energy and stamina to perform various tasks during the whole day. Eggs, bread butter, fruit juice, milk and many other food items are on our list for the morning breakfast. You can also have heavy breakfast if you want to skip your lunch.

If you skip the breakfast, it is very harmful for your body that is what we often hear from dietitians and our family members. Well, it is absolutely right and so; make your breakfast something very interesting with good snacks. There are some of the best breakfast items which you can choose in your breakfast tomorrow morning. We have listed Top 10 Best Breakfasts.

10 Frittata

Top 10 Best Breakfasts
Frittata — Photo via

You all love eggs certainly but sometimes it sounds pretty good to have some egg variations in breakfast. Frittata is one of the best egg recipes that one can include in morning breakfast. It is just like an egg omelet which has many other delicious ingredients like cheese, meat and seasonings.

Frittata can also be prepared by adding fried potato. Frittata is prepared either with raw eggs or cooked eggs but it depends what you like. It is good choice for morning breakfast as eggs are rich source of stamina for your body.

9 Toaster Pastries

Top 10 Best Breakfasts
Toaster Pastries — Photo via

On number 9 it is Toaster Pastry which is good as well as yummy dish for breakfast in the early morning. It can be taken with milk, tea or coffee. The toast can be accompanied with honey butter and many other ingredients like cinnamon and chocolate. The pastries can be fresh or frozen ones for the breakfast as per your choice.

Toaster pastries have mixed taste of sweet and salty both which can give a delightful morning experience. You can try this tasty recipe when you have loads of work at office or long hours’ college lectures.

8 Fresh fruits

Top 10 Best Breakfasts
Fresh fruits — Photo via

Nothing like fresh fruits. Fruits are rich source of minerals, vitamins and water to the body which keep you active for your work. An apple a day keeps a doctor away is very true. You can have fruits like apple, bananas, grapes which are tasty and give enough strength to your body.

Drink a glass of milk with some fruits and you will have a perfect breakfast then. Fresh fruits are the most common items in the breakfast of every house.

7 Buttermilk Biscones

Top 10 Best Breakfasts
Buttermilk Biscones — Photo via

This is a breakfast of Savannah region. Buttermilk biscones are similar to your cookies or biscuits. The biscones are prepared from dough by adding buttermilk and baking powder with little salt and egg. The blueberries are added in the biscones for having a fruity flavor.

They are healthy for your body and keep you active for the whole day at office, school or college. It is one of the most preferred breakfast items in many parts of the world.

6 Green Eggs & Ham Breakfast Burrito

Top 10 Best Breakfasts
Green Eggs & Ham Breakfast Burrito — Photo via

Burrito is a famous Mexican dish which you have loved these many years. But it can be given a little more twist with some tasty ingredients. The stuffing used in the preparation of the burrito may vary according to your taste and preferences.

The mixture of pancetta and eggs with pesto makes your morning really a best one. You can have tomato sauce or peanut sauce to give accompaniment to this delicious breakfast.

5 Cereal

Top 10 Best Breakfasts
Cereal — Photo via

Cereal is another healthy item recommended for the development of the body.  They provide minerals, fats, oils, vitamins and carbohydrates. You can have Kellogg’s with milk which is an ideal morning breakfast for the busiest day. A bowl of cereals with hot or cold milk supplies stamina for the whole day. You can also go for cereal bread, biscuits or cookies which can also be a tasty and healthy morning breakfast.

4 Breakfast Pita

Top 10 Best Breakfasts
Breakfast Pita — Photo via

Another egg recipe good for your morning breakfast is Pita. Pita bread tastes something better and different from usual toast butter breakfast in the morning. It includes other ingredients such as lemon juice, prosciutto, spinach and many seasonings too like salt, black pepper and it is served with mint leaves. The combination of eggs, pita bread, vegetables and cheese definitely makes a healthy breakfast for your hectic day.

3 Oatmeal

Top 10 Best Breakfasts
Oatmeal — Photo via

Oats are the healthiest foods for your body. Many of you must not like oats for sure but you can eat the various oat recipes. Oats can be eaten with butter or syrup of different flavors like chocolate or maple to make it tasty. You can also go for oat cookies and biscuits.

Oatmeal is good for your heart and control diseases like diabetes and cholesterol. Oat cakes also serve the purpose good. You can even make porridge by cooking oats with hot water. If you don’t like still involve oats based recipes in your morning breakfast from tomorrow.

2 Doughnuts

Top 10 Best Breakfasts
Doughnuts — Photo via

Doughnuts can be eaten in any form as a dessert or even in morning breakfast. They are yummy and good meal in the morning. They have dough and many toppings are used to add taste to them like chocolate and maple.

It contains sugar, eggs and other flavors which make them very delicious and perfect for morning breakfast. Doughnuts give nutritional fiber which is essential for overall development of human body. You can choose different flavored doughnuts for your morning breakfast which you like.

1 Scrambled eggs

Top 10 Best Breakfasts
Scrambled eggs — Photo via

The most popular item in morning breakfast anywhere in the world is scrambled egg. You can have scrambled eggs with milk or tea. Many vegetables and other ingredients like cheese and meat can be added for the taste factor.

Eggs are the healthiest food ingredients which give minerals as well as equal amount of stamina in the body. Eggs can be used to prepare an omelet or a burrito whatever you like. A hot egg meal can be your protection during the winter season.

So, if you have not started taking these items yet, do take them now in your morning breakfast.

Top 10 Best Breakfasts

1. Scrambled eggs

2. Doughnuts

3. Oatmeal

4. Breakfast Pita

5. Cereal

6. Green Eggs & Ham Breakfast Burrito

7. Buttermilk Biscones

8. Fresh fruits

9. Toaster Pastries

10. Frittata

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