Top 10 Best Sports Bra Brands of the World Best Sports Bra Brands

Sports bra is considered as one of the most important companion of almost every lady. This bra differs from all the other kinds of bra for a simple reason that a sports bra is very much comfortable than all the others kinds of bras. Sports bras are comfortable and therefore they can be worn by every woman or girl on every occasion. Thus, whether it is working out hard at the gym or donning your sports bra under your dress, the sports bra always aims to keep you comfortable and stress free. There are no underwire, no seams, nothing and therefore they can make your breasts look all the more fuller and in shape.

A number of big and small companies have been producing these sports bras throughout the world. Considering their different styles, patterns, colors, quality as well as fabrics, here is the list of top ten best sports bra brands of the world.

10 Lucy Bra

Top 10 Best Sports Bra Brands of the World
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This brand has been ranked at number 10 on this list. This bra is the best choice if you are preparing yourself to hit the gym because it feel make you feel the most comfortable in your skin. The material that has been used in designing this bra is a highly powerful fabric and is very endurable, thereby making you perform all your moves as well as stretching even during the intense workout sessions.

At the same time, the bras produced by this company come with a wide band which aims to provide extra security as well as comfort as to the fit of the bra. There is a high neck band as well. Thus, it serves as one of the best choices.

9 Nike

Top 10 Best Sports Bra Brands of the World
Nike- Top 10 Best Sports Bra Brands of the World

This sports brand never gives up whenever it comes to impressing the ladies out of its all kinds of sportswear. The same affair goes with the sports bra produced under this brand. The sports bra produced under Nike is nothing but a classic piece of lingerie that could be adorned by all the women of any bust size.

The bras under this brand are more than comfortable and they are made with a high quality material that comes with a number of impressive characteristics. You can sweat and stretch as much as you want because the material quickly soaks in all the sweat, thereby leaving you dry and fresh during your intensive workout sessions. The sports bra under this brand comes in baby pink as well as charcoal pink in color. Recently, the white and yellow variants have also been released.

8 Women’s yoga bra

This brand has been ranked at number 8 on this list. It produces one of the most comfortable sports bras for the ladies. The material used in this regard by the brand is the rich polyamide.

This bra serves the best option if you are performing yoga which is clearly evident considering the name of this brand. The best thing about this bra is that it comes in all sizes, ranging from extra small to extra-large respectively.

7 Hero bra

The Hero bra is considered as one of the best sports bras in the world whenever it comes to working out at the gym. This is because it is produced with the use of a dry technology along with a nylon material. This makes sure that you feel dry and fresh during all the time of your workout sessions.

This bra is a highly recommended bra and this is the reason why it is used worldwide by all the women especially during their gym sessions.

6 Super Nova X Impact

The Super Nova X Impact has been ranked at number 6 on our list of the top ten best sports bra brands in the world. The letter ‘X’ in this name exhibits the shape of the back of the bra. This bra contains the molded inserts in it and entertains a very low scoop neck. Thus, you can also wear it with any top where it could be easily hidden without exposing itself.

This range has been released by the very famous Adidas and is considered as one of the best-selling sports bras brands today.

5 Jockey Performance

Top 10 Best Sports Bra Brands of the World
Jockey Performance-Top 10 Best Sports Bra Brands of the World

Jockey is an established name in the business of lingerie and the sports bra produced by this brand has been ranked as the fifth best sports bra of the world.

This bra comes with removable cups and therefore it acts as one of the best bras if you are doing any high-intensity activity such as running or playing sports like basketball and football. This bra has become the best-selling bra today and therefore has been ranked at number 5 on this list.

4 Champion

This brand has been ranked at number 4 on this list and is a must try for all the highly active women. The brand uses the products like spandex and polyester for the preparation of the bra and therefore the results are very stretchy as well as flexible. It also adds a nice level of comfort into these bras.

These bras also come in advance technology along with design techniques which absorb and repel all the water contents and moisture coming out from the body.

3 Reebok

Top 10 Best Sports Bra Brands of the World

Reebok is the third best brand concerned with the production of sports bra all around the world. There are features like racer backs, adjustable straps, high design technology, etc. in all the designs produced by this brand. Thus, it gives an ultimate level of mobility and movement to all the women who wear them.

These bras apart from being very comfortable are also pretty sassy in terms of looks as they come in a number of designs.

2 Wicking bra

This model of bra is produced by Jockey and is considered as the second best sports bra brand of the world. There are straps as well as cups that have been added for a better comfort and mobility.

The best thing about the sports bras of this brand is that they are very much able to retain their shape even when they are washed inside the machine.

1 Dri-Fit 548545


This sports bra is produced under the name of Nike and is considered as the best sports bra for the women of the world. From the most advanced fabric to amazing design technology, this sports bra has everything to look for. The best thing is that it comes in almost all kinds of shapes as well as sizes.

The sports bra under this brand is very comfortable and could be worn on a number of events.

Top 10 Best Sports Bra Brands of the World

RankBest Sports Bra Brands
1Dri-Fit 548545
2Wicking bra
5Jockey Performance
6Super Nova X Impact
7Hero bra
8Women’s yoga bra
10Lucy Bra

So ladies, which sports bra are you buying?


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Top 10 Best Sports Bra Brands of the World Best Sports Bra Brands

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