Top 10 Best Spots in Bali for Sunset Watching

Sunset Watching

The most favorite places of all people for family trips and honeymoon spots are beaches, islands, resorts and many other amazing nature places. Holiday destinations have been made better and more amazing day by day with several amenities. Islands are one such beautiful gift by nature provided to humans with cliffs and greeneries all around. Bali is a famous tourist destination which sees billions of visitors annually. The blue and deep waters with high rocks mesmerize you to visit this place at least once.

Bali has everything in it starting from urban development till culture. The food, music, festivals, Buddhist shrines and temples and many other factors make Bali. If you are planning to visit Bali then do visit these stunning spots after the sunset. Let’s have a look on Top 10 Best Spots in Bali for Sunset Watching.

10 Tanah Lot Temple

Top 10 Best Spots in Bali for Sunset Watching
Tanah Lot Temple-Photo via

On number 10, it is Tanah Lot Temple which is a must watch spot when the sun sets. It is actually a rock structure which is at one end of the sea. This temple is situated in Tabanan and is has architecture which dates back to the 16th century.

It was destroyed somewhere in the late 19th century after which it was again restored with some renovation work. There is a market too for Bali’s special items and many restaurants for good cuisines.

9 Petitenget Beach

Top 10 Best Spots in Bali for Sunset Watching
Petitenget Beach-Photo via

With lots of coconut trees and greenery all around, Petitenget Beach is a beautiful beach which looks all the more awesome after sun set. The beach is a perfect spot for honeymoon couples when the sun sets.

The clear waters will surely interest you to put your feet in the sea. There are many restaurants in the nearby areas with delicious food. There are many clubs for visitors for recreation and stay both.

8 Lovina

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Photo via Columbus Direct Australia

Lovina is the coastal place situated in the North Bali. The place has many lanes and the beaches here have black sand. The activities like swimming, scuba diving and snorkeling are popular here. There is a dolphin statue which is a famous tourist spot.

Many people come here for playing volleyball on the beaches. There are also many stalls for shopping of the visitors. Loud music and various other games and activities make Lovina a stunning place for sight-seeing.

7 Lembongan Island

Top 10 Best Spots in Bali for Sunset Watching
Lembongan Island-=Photo via An IrishGirlAbroad

Lembongan Island is a peaceful spot for your holidays. It is an island in the southern east coast of Bali. There is no loud noise of shopkeepers and markets making the place silent and more beautiful to rest. Swimming and scuba diving are some of the activities which often take place here by many tourists.

There are many luxurious hotels around this coast for tourists and various delicious food serving restaurants. The white sandy beaches with mangrove forests are great for making a short trip with family.

6 Uluwatu

Top 10 Best Spots in Bali for Sunset Watching
Uluwatu-Photo via WonderfulBaliTour

Uluwatu is situated on the Bukit Peninsula of Bali. There are many tourist destinations in Uluwatu such as Pura Luhur Uluwatu temple and surfing activity is famous here with the high and low waves. The swells are formed here to a large extent due to deep and clear waters.

Sitting at the top besides Pura Luhur Uluwatu temple is very good place for watching the sun set. There are many means of transportation to reach Uluwatu.

5 Rock Bar, Ayana Resort

Top 10 Best Spots in Bali for Sunset Watching
Rock Bar, Ayana Resort-Photo via

A number 5 it is Rock Bar which is very good place after the sun set. It is a famous spot on Jimabaran’s coast. The beautiful rock formations and blue clean waters are some of the best points here for visitors.   Rock Bar has awesome night life with good music, beautiful sceneries, romantic dinner and wine.

Rock Bar is an ideal place for honeymoon couples. There are many events organized there for the recreation of visitors which can be a memorable moment.

4 Echo Beach, Canggu

Top 10 Best Spots in Bali for Sunset Watching
Echo Beach, Canggu-Photo via LuxViz

Echo Beach is one of the most popular tourist spots in Bali for each activity. The surfing activity with naughty waves and some delicious sea food make your trip a wonderful one.  There are many luxurious villas for staying of the visitors who have many facilities.

Canggu is another place with lots of greenery around with many sunset dining restaurants. The Sand Bar is a good place for sunbathing, surfing and long beach walks.

3 Ubud

Top 10 Best Spots in Bali for Sunset Watching
Ubud-Photo via 21st Century Journeys –

Ubud is a beautiful town in Ubud district of Bali. It is a hilly region which is famous for its rice paddies. There are 13 villages in this town which have many dense forests, grassy areas and rice farms. There are many famous tourist attractions here like Moon of Pejeng which is brone drum made in 300 BC. Ubud has large number of museums promoting art and culture.

The Ubud Monkey Forest is a famous park here for tourists with two rivers, Tokad Yeh Wos Kiwa and Tukad Yeh Wos Tengen and there is also a place on the hill top for leisure walks.

2 Pura Ulun Danu Bratan

Top 10 Best Spots in Bali for Sunset Watching
Pura Ulun Danu Bratan-Photo via

It is a water shrine situated on the Lake Bratan near the mountains of Bedugul in Bali. It is a superb spot to be watched especially after sun sets. The whole area is covered with water and more small temples in the downward vicinity. Pura Ulun Danu Bratan was made around 16th century and is named after goddess Dewi Danu.

The area has beautiful cool weather due to the presence of Lake Bratan. This water temple will just give you a divine and pure feeling making your Bali trip a worth one.

1 Gili Islands

Top 10 Best Spots in Bali for Sunset Watching
Gili Islands-Photo via

At number 1, it is Gili Islands consist of 3 islands Gili Trawangan, Gili Air and Gili Meno. They are located on the northern west side of the Lombok Coast. The islands have huts for the tourists with many small resorts. There are many pools and restaurants for recreation purposes.

The islands just look like heaven on the earth with light blue silent waters and mesmerizing greenery. Scuba diving is done here at many spots like Simon’s reef and Shark point. Gili Islands has amazing coral formations with large marine life.

Bali is surely a place for visit for its beauty, culture, beaches, food, music and temples.

Top 10 Best Spots in Bali for Sunset Watching

1. Gili Islands
2. Pura Ulun Danu Bratan
3. Ubud
4. Echo Beach, Canggu
5. Rock Bar, Ayana Resort
6. Uluwatu
7. Lembongan Island
8. Lovina
9. Petitenget Beach
10. Tanah Lot Temple

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