Top Best 10 Female Fencers in the World

Female Fencers Right Now

Fencing, which is sometimes also referred to as Olympic fencing, is known as a sport, where two of the competitors are supposed to fight, with the use of swords that are in rapier-style, and are called the Épée fencing, the Sabre fencing, and the Foil fencing. When a contact is made with the challenger or the opponent, then on basis of that points are marked.

Fencing in the earlier time, was performed with the means of any setting disputes, which would often lead to death. In today’s time, fencing is more reformed with an additional touch to safety. This is a very competitive sport, where not only physical effort matters, but also the mental effort does, in terms of thinking, planning the next move, strategizing, etc. which all needs to be done within seconds. In this article, you will be reading upon Top Best 10 Female Fencers in the World

10 Jujie Luan

Top Best 10 Female Fencers in the World-Jujie Luan

Jujie Luan, is a Chinese-Canadian fencer, born on July 14th, 1958, aged 59, in Nanjing, China. She is the first female Chinese fencer, who won gold medal in Summer Olympic, 1984. After moving to Canada in the year 1985, she is now Canadian citizen, who represented Canada at Summer Olympics in 2008.

9 Valentina Vezzali

Top 10 Female Fencers Right Now
Valentina Vezzali-Photo via Wikimedia

Valentina Vezzali is an Italian foil fencer, born on February 14th, 1974, aged 43, in Lesi, Italy. Her nickname is Cobra, and with being a professional fencer, she is also an Italian politician. She has six times won gold medals in Olympic, for foil competitions.

She is married to Domenico Giugliano and has two children. Valentina Vezzali has won the five medals, within the same event, which is very rare, and made history in the Summer Olympic Game. Valentina has also won eleven Fencing World Cup, from the year 1996 to the year 2010.  She is one of the best fencers, and is the fastest fencer ever in world, among females.

8 Anja Fitchel

Top 10 Female Fencers Right Now
Anja-Photo via HamburgWeb

Anja Fitchel, is a German fencer, born on August 17th, 1968, aged 49, in Germany. She has won both individual as well as team competitions in Seoul, Summer Olympics, 1988. She had been winner in the year 1985, 1989, and 1990, for World championships.

7 Elisa Di Francisca

Top 10 Female Fencers Right Now
Elisa Di Francisca-Photo via Wikimedia

She is an Italian fencer, born on December 13th, 1982, aged 34, in Lesi, Italy. in the year 2012, she became the Olympic champion, in the year 2010, she became the World champion, and also won European champion for three times.

She has won the World Cup series in the year 2010-11, and has seven of the victories of World Cup in her name, making her one of the best female fencers. She was also Olympic champion in the year 2012, in the Italian team, with being World champion for five times, and European champion for seven times. Her list of achievement is long, and goes on. Her movements are excellent with extraordinary postures, as well as her swirling ability is amazing.

6 Ibtihaj Muhammad

Top 10 Female Fencers of All Times
Ibtihaj Muhammad-Photo via

Ibtihaj Muhammad, is an American fencer, born on 4th December, aged 32, 1985, in New Jersey, US. She is a sabre fencer, and also the fencing team member of United States. She is known best for the first ever Muslim American female fencer, to wear her hijab, during the competition in Olympics for United States. In Summer Olympic, 2016, she made across to the first qualifying round, but was defeating by Cecilia Berder, from France, in second round. She received bronze medal, for being a part of USA Team, in Sabre Team.

5 Mariel Zagunis

Top 15 Hottest Female Fencers In The World
Mariel Zagunis-Photo via

Mariel Zagunis, is an American fencer, born on 3rd March, 1985, aged 32, in Oregon, United States. She is a sabre fencer, who in individual sabre has achieved gold medals for Summer Olympics, 2004, and Summer Olympics, 2008. She is known to be the first American who in the Olympic fencing, has won gold medal, along with this she was also chosen as being flag bearer for Summer Olympic Parade of Nations, 2012, of the United States.

4 Rosella Fiamingo

Rosella Fiamingo-Photo via DAOSpa

Rosella Fiamingo is an Italian fencer, born on July 14th, 1991, aged 26, in Catania, Italy. She is a left handed Épée fencer, and she became World champion in the year 2014 and also in 2015. She has won silver medal in Rio de Janeiro, 2016, in individual Épée fencing.

3 Giovanna Trillini

Top 10 Female Fencers of All Times
Giovanna Trillini-Photo via

Giovanna Trillini, is an Italian fencer, born on May 17th, 1970, aged 47, in Lesi, Italy. She is a female foil fencer who is right handed, and has been Olympic champion for four times, and has also won additional silver as well as two of bronze medals in Olympic individual competitions.

2 Pascale Trinquet

Top 10 Female Fencers Right Now
Top 10 Female Fencers Right Now-Photo via Pascale Trinquet

Pascale Trinquet, is a French Foil fencer, born on August 11th, 1958, aged 59, in Marseille, France. She is an Olympic champion for foil fencing competition, and also won 1980 Olympic and earned gold medal. With French foil team, she won a gold medal.

1 Lee Kiefer

Top 10 Female Fencers Right Now
Lee Kiefer-Photo via InsideTheGames

Lee Keifer is an American foil fencer, born on 15th June, 1994, aged 23, in Cleveland, United States. She has represented USA in Foil Fencing. She has received bronze medal in World Fencing Championship, in the year 2011, for Women’s foil. She has been NCAA champion for four times, and Olympian for two times. She was ranked 5th position, for Olympic Games, London, in the year 2012, after losing to Arianna Errigo, who is silver medalist, with the score of 15-10. Keifer later defeated Arianna Errigo, in the year 2015, when she won Algiers World Cup. She also won the Grand Prix Long Beach, on 18th March, 2017, which has moved her to the number one position in the world rankings of FIE. Thus she has become the first American female fencer to hold number one position.

This tactical sport requires one to have swift movement, along with being able to think and process it through fast under pressure. This sport is played by both men and women, all around the world, whether you are young or old. Below are mentioned the top 10 female fencers.

Top 10 Female Fencers Right Now

  1. Jujie Luan
  2. Valentina Vezzali
  3. Anja Fitchel
  4. Elisa Di Francisca
  5. Ibtihaj Muhammad
  6. Mariel Zagunis
  7. Rosella Fiamingo
  8. Giovanna Trillini
  9. Pascale Trinquet
  10. Lee Kiefer



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