Top 10 Health Benefits Of Bananas

Health Benefits Of Bananas

Fruits contain higher amount of nutrients that are necessary for the development of the body. They are good for the strong bones. They are rich in fiber and water and help in controlling various diseases such as heart attacks. Fruits can be eaten in various forms such as juices, desserts, jams and in different other food items. They are one of the best breakfast items for kids as well as adults.

Bananas are one of the richest sources of proteins. They are good for the overall growth of the body. The bananas are suggested to those who want to gain the body weight. They are rich in water content and they contain many useful minerals such as magnesium, phosphorus, sodium and many others. There are ample health benefits of bananas which we will discuss now. We have listed out Top 10 Health Benefits Of Bananas.

10 Hangover Cure

Top 10 Health Benefits Of Bananas
Hangover Cure — Photo via

This is one of the amazing health benefits of bananas. They can be used as a remedy for hangover if you had more drink last night. You can eat bananas with milk and berries for curing the hangover. You can cut bananas into pieces and keep in it freezer for some minutes and then they are better to consume.

The banana smoothie is also one of the best choices to take after having too much of drink in a party. You can mix other fruits in smoothie to make it tastier and healthier.

9 Improves Bowels

Top 10 Health Benefits Of Bananas
Improves Bowels — Photo via

Bananas are good for digestive system. They contain fiber which empties the bowel easily. Bananas solve the problem of constipation and help in treating diarrhea. The gastric problems also get reduced by the regular consumption of bananas.

A proper digestive system is a key to good health and prevents against all disorders and diseases. Regular consumption of bananas helps in discharge of waste materials from the body which ultimately leads to good health.

8 Fights Against Cancer

Top 10 Health Benefits Of Bananas
Fights Against Cancer — Photo via

Bananas are good for fighting against cancer. They contain higher percentage of a compound namely TNF-a which increases the amount of white cells in the body. The white cells increase the resistance power of the body and cure the cancer.

Bananas are also good for fighting against various other disorders and health benefits. If you take bananas daily in your breakfast then the chances of developing various in your body get less.

7 Good For Healthy Heart

Top 10 Health Benefits Of Bananas
Healthy Heart — Photo via

If you want to avoid cardiac arrest and other heart problems in future then consume bananas regularly. They contain higher amount of potassium which makes your heart strong and healthy. The blood supply is also regulated by the regular intake of bananas.

The amount of water in your body increases by eating bananas. The heartbeats get regular and there are less chances of getting the brain or heart stroke at a later age.

6 Other Vitamins And Minerals

Top 10 Health Benefits Of Bananas
Vitamins — Photo via

Bananas are one of the best fruits to consume in breakfast or at any time during the whole day. They are rich in water content and many other minerals such as potassium, magnesium, manganese, iodine, iron, zinc and sodium.

It is the wholesome food item which you should consume regularly for the overall development of the body. The bananas contain higher percentage of Vitamin B6 and C which are good for fighting against many diseases.

5 Helps In Weight Loss

Top 10 Health Benefits Of Bananas
Helps In Weight Loss — Photo via

Bananas help you to look slim and sexy. They are rich in fiber and vitamins which will reduce the frequent hunger and give a heavy food feeling in your stomach. When you eat bananas, they absorb water and make your stomach full for longer hours.

The sweetness of the bananas also gives your tongue a nice feel when you want something sweet and healthy. The bananas are low in fats which control the weight of your body. Star eating bananas daily if you want to look beautiful and slim.

4 Increase Energy

Top 10 Health Benefits Of Bananas
Increase Energy — Photo via

Bananas are the fruits which will provide you stamina for performing longer hours of work during the whole day. They are one of the most foods by professional athletes and sportsmen at bananas give strength to play on the ground. The fiber present in the bananas is the main source of energy.

They contain many calories which will satisfy the hunger and provide with more stamina. They contain many vitamins and minerals which increase the energy in your body to perform many activities.

3 Treats Morning Sickness

Top 10 Health Benefits Of Bananas
Morning Sickness — Photo via

Bananas work great in case of pregnant ladies. There is often morning sickness and reduction of energy seen in pregnant ladies. The bananas increase the blood glucose level in your body and cure the problem of nausea.

So, it is often suggested by the doctors to the pregnant ladies to eat bananas daily in breakfast and also in the whole day to give your body more stamina. Bananas are also good for the health of your baby and they make the mood good.

2 Skin Conditions

Top 10 Health Benefits Of Bananas
Skin Conditions — Photo via

The peel of the bananas has a lot of uses in your daily life. You can cure the acne, pimples and psoriasis with the peel. The skin of the banana works great if rubbed on the affected areas of the skin. They contain fatty acid which treats many skin problems such as rashes, infection and redness of the skin.

The banana skin also moisturizes your skin. Banana skin also cures the reddening of the skin in the case of psoriasis. They are a remedy to the warts on the face.

1 Promotes Eye Health

Top 10 Health Benefits Of Bananas
Eye Health — Photo via

The bananas are rich in vitamin A and so it is good for the eyes. They decrease the chances of night blindness. The bananas should be consumed daily in order to have a powerful vision even at the old age.

It is proven from many studies that people who regularly consume bananas in their meals are likely to get less night blindness and they have a good vision too at a later stage of life.

Bananas are the perfect fruits in taste, minerals, and proteins and with all other health benefits. Have a banana daily!

Top 10 Health Benefits Of Bananas

1. Promotes Eye Health

2. Skin Conditions

3. Treats Morning Sickness

4. Increase Energy

5. Helps In Weight Loss

6. Other Vitamins And Minerals

7. Good For Healthy Heart

8. Fights Against Cancer

9. Improves Bowels

10. Hangover Cure

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