Top 10 Interesting Facts About America

Interesting Facts About America

United States of America was discovered by the navigator Christopher Columbus. It is one of the biggest countries in the North American continent. It ranks 3rd in the whole world in terms of area. It has the most developed economy in the globe with advancement in each of its sectors such as finance, banking, commerce, retail, and others. The education sector of America is also very good with some of the best colleges and educational universities due to which everyone has the dream to study there in its future.

United States has one of the most powerful militaries in the world with the strong weapons. Today, we will discuss some of the interesting facts about America which you have not heard about anytime. We have listed out Top 10 Interesting Facts About America.

10 The Flag

Top 10 Interesting Facts About America
The Flag — Photo via Wikipedia

The American Flag has the most unique design with red strips and white stars in navy blue background. The stars are 50 in number sowing the 50 states of America. The flag of United States of America has been changed several times with different designs.

The present design of the flag of America is given by Robert G. Heft who was just a high school student of 17 years. His work was much praised in his school and he got nice grade by the school teachers due to his good work.

9 Americans Eat More Pizzas

Top 10 Interesting Facts About America
Americans Eat More Pizzas — Photo via

Pizza is one of the most popular foods in USA. The total number of pizzerias is more than 60,000 in the whole country. The total sales of pizzas in America amount to approximately 3 billion in the whole year. The people in America consume about 100 acres of pizzas every day.

The pizza shop is located at each of the public places in this country. Las Vegas holds Pizza Expo event every year for the pizza lovers. The burger is the second most popular food in USA yet the pizzas are more consumed than burgers.

8 The Largest Army

Top 10 Interesting Facts About America
The Largest Army — Photo via Wikipedia

United States of America has the biggest army in the whole world. The headquarters of the United States is situated at The Pentagon, Virginia. The various levels of the military are Army, Marine, Corps, Navy, Air Force and Coast Guard.

The nation spends approximately $580.3 billion on its military forces. The US army is powerful both in terms of defense and projection. In terms of tonnage, United States is the largest navy.

7 The Liberty Bell

Top 10 Interesting Facts About America
The Liberty Bell — Photo via

The Liberty Bell is situated in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. It is a sign of American Independence. It was commissioned in the year 1752 by the Pennsylvania Provincial Assembly. There are names on top of the bell which are John Pass and John Stow who gave a shape to the bell.

The crack on the bell appeared somewhere in the 19th century. In the year 1885, there were huge gatherings and crowds of people to watch the bell and it was one of the most popular attractions. Currently, it is maintained by the National Park Service.

6 The Great Lake

Top 10 Interesting Facts About America
Great Lakes — Photo via Wikipedia

The Great Lake is the combination of many lakes which have fresh water and they are interconnected with one other. It is situated in the mid-eastern part of North America. The interesting thing about these lakes is they cover larger area of Earth and in terms of volume also; it contains about 21% of fresh water of the earth’s surface. The origin of these lakes dates back to some 14,000 years ago when there were ice sheet which then converted into lakes.

5 Chicago and Ferris wheel

Top 10 Interesting Facts About America
Chicago and Ferris wheel — Photo via

Do you know that Ferris wheel first constructed in Chicago? The wheel had the height of about 264 feet and it was opened in the year 1893 but it was demolished soon in the early 19th century. This wheel was located in Navy Pier which has many other tourist attractions.

The Lake Michigan surrounds the Navy Pier area. Now, the wheel is again planned to be reconstructed with the new design and style. Now, The Navy pier has theater and many restaurants.

4 Helpful Nature

Top 10 Interesting Facts About America
helping — Photo via

This is one of the most awesome things about America. If you are willing to visit America for studying then you may get many new friends there. The Americans have a lovely and helpful nature and they assist you in many things.

As per the studies, The Americans are the most helpful people in the world and they love to help the strangers too. It is one of the best countries in the world to settle down after retirement or while working also.

3 Georgia Is The Birthplace Of Miniature Golf

Top 10 Interesting Facts About America
Georgia Is The Birthplace Of Miniature Golf –Photo via

Golf is played mostly in many parts of Tennessee. There are many golf courses near Mountain’s Rock City where many visitors come for spending time with their family and friends. There are many famous tourist attractions in Tennessee.

The mini-golf event was first held in Rock City and since then many popular golf events are being held there such as the National Tom Thumb Open. There are more than 50 golf courses in Tennessee and the National Miniature Golf Day is celebrated here every year on 21st September.

2 The President Not To Mess With

Top 10 Interesting Facts About America
Grover Cleveland — Photo via

Grover Cleveland served as the President of United States of America twice. He held office for two consecutive periods. He believed in the principles of honesty, integrity and self-reliance. He hated criminals and gave a death sentence to the criminals. He became the Sheriff of Erie County in the year 1871. He was also a lawyer. He hanged Patrick Morrissey himself who killed his mother.

1 World’s Tallest Battle Monument

Top 10 Interesting Facts About America
World’s Tallest Battle Monument — Photo via Pinterest

The San Jacinto Monument is situated in Harris County, Texas. It has 220 ton star on its apex. The monument is the symbol of the Battle of San Jacinto which was fought for Texas Revolution.

This monument was constructed in the mid-19th century. It is tallest monument made from stone in the world. There is an elevator for the visitors for viewing Houston from the top.

So, we saw many interesting facts today about America. It is a must watch place once in your life.

Top 10 Interesting Facts About America

1. World’s Tallest Battle Monument

2. The President Not To Mess With

3. Georgia Is The Birthplace Of Miniature Golf

4. Helpful Nature

5. Chicago and Ferris wheel

6. The Great Lake

7. The Liberty Bell

8. The Largest Army

9. Americans Eat More Pizzas

10. The Flag


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