Top 10 Interesting Facts About Ancient Egyptian Pyramids

Interesting Facts About Ancient Egyptian Pyramids

Our world is so beautiful with lots of elegant places to watch. There are many historic structures and monuments in the world which depicts the ancient period civilization and various traditions and cultural things. One of such greatest places is Pyramids of Egypt. It is named in the list of Seven Wonders of the World due to its amazing structure and history.

These Pyramids were created somewhere in 2600 BC and they were constructed as tombs for monarchs of Egypt in ancient times. The design of the pyramids was made by Imhotep and they are the world’s most perfect shaped ancient masonry. Today, we will discuss Top 10 Interesting Facts About Ancient Egyptian Pyramids which will definitely interest you.

10 Cleopatra

Top 10 Interesting Facts About Ancient Egyptian Pyramids
Top 10 Interesting Facts About Ancient Egyptian Pyramids-Photo via Spirit Quest Tours

There is a belief that Cleopatra VII was the most beautiful queen in the kingdom. She was the last ruler of Ptolemaic Kingdom of Egypt. She had a beautiful voice too. But the coins belonging to that period show something else. The queen has a long and sharp nose and she had large eyes with a blunt chin and tiny ears.

Surprisingly, there is no description of Cleopatra VII made anywhere in the Pyramids of the Egypt. Her coins do not reveal anywhere that she was beautiful yet she was loved by Julius Caesar and Mark Antony.

9 The Workers Got A Good Treatment

The workers who built the Pyramids of Egypt were given proper food, shelter and tax breaks. There were appropriate equipment for moving stones, blocks and other construction materials such as sledges. The sand was been watered every day for reducing friction.

Around 4,000 pounds of meat was brought for the workers who constructed the Pyramids. The ramps were used to move stones in the upward direction. The workers were treated well by the monarchs.

8 The Men Married Their Sisters

This fact seems to be weird but it true. There were some of the Egypt monarchs who married their real sisters or half-sisters. This is because the kings got a relief that their wives won’t cheat on them and they can know the royal family’s customs and traditions better than outsider.

The queens were very loyal to their families and children and they also did not interfere with the king’s decision in the royal family’s matters. Such marriages were only allowed in royal families and not among the common people.

7 The Last Pyramid Is That Of Ahmose

It is believed that the Pyramid of Ahmose was the last one. It was created from sand and rubble and usual limestone. The material used in the building of this pyramid was of cheap quality and the shape given was unusual.

Ahmose I was the king who ruled over Egypt in the 1549 BC. His pyramid was the last one and after that, the kings of Egypt were buried in the Valley of Kings.

6 Egypt King Could Be A Woman

It was always necessary that the men ruled over the kingdom of Egypt. The women were also given the throne to rule over the regions. There were 3 queens of Egypt named Sobeknefru, Hatshepsut and Tausret who took the rule of Egypt at the coronation ceremonies.

They ruled the country even better than the male and used their rights fully over the throne. These queens rules over the kingdom of Egypt for a longer period of time.

5 The Age Of The Pyramids

The quality of construction material used started to become cheaper after the reign of Fifth and Sixth Dynasty. This was due to non-availability of construction resources and workforce. The last pyramid is be of sound material was that of Pepi II Neferkare who ruled over Egypt somewhere in 2200 BC.

After that, the kings didn’t construct any pyramids and the kings were buried in the underground tombs. The period of Dynasties III, IV, V and VI is called as the Old Kingdom which is also as Age of the Pyramids.

4 Scribes Written In Hieroglyphs

Hieroglyphic language was the form of writing which shows many images and pictures to describe the various situations and occasions. This form of language was written on the temple walls and on the tombs of the kings.

But as they took too much time, the usual form of writing was in hieratic language. This was much easier to understand for the common people and saved much time. The other form of writing to be used in daily business was demotic.

3 The Great Pyramid Of Giza

The Great Pyramid of Giza is the largest all three pyramids which are listed in the Seven Wonders of the World. It remained as the tallest man-made structure for more than 3800 years. This pyramid was built during the rule of Khufu.

The other two pyramids were built during the reign of Khafre and his grandson Menkaure. There is a slight difference in the height of all the 3 pyramids. The smallest one is Pyramid of Menkaure.

2 Food Offerings

The family members and the relatives of the deceased offered the food and drink regularly in the tomb-chapel. There was a belief that K Spirit consumes the food and drinks which were offered by their close ones.

After offering to the deceased, the food was later consumed by the living. There was a feast of the valley which was like a festival of death where families of deceased spent the whole night with torches for celebrating the reunion of the living person with the dead.

1 The Pyramid Of Djoser

The first tomb built was Mastaba which had a flat roof and a rectangular shape. It was made from mud bricks or stones. The first Pyramid was built by architect Imhotep in the 27th century BC. It was created to bury the pharaoh Djoser of 3rd dynasty and there are other 6 mastabas on the top. The Pyramid of Djoser was constructed at Saqqara.

There are still the beliefs in the Egyptian people that there is a life after death but in the growing techno world, it is hard to believe.

Top 10 Interesting Facts About Ancient Egyptian Pyramids

1) The Pyramid Of Djoser

2) Food Offerings

3) The Great Pyramid Of Giza

4) Scribes Written In Hieroglyphs

5) The Age Of The Pyramids

6) Egypt King Could Be A Woman

7) The Last Pyramid Is That Of Ahmose

8) The Men Married Their Sisters

9) The Workers Got A Good Treatment

10) Cleopatra


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