Top 10 Lost Cities In The World

Lost Cities In The World

Lost cities are touted as extinct places on earth, do hold some mysterious tales behind its extinction. The urge to know more about them the scientist research about the places in and out for many years. Based on their research they try to prove their hypothesis but only the remenants in form of tombs, stones, or the land knows the real truth.

Let us see which are the famous lost cities excavated by archaeologist and the mainstay of them getting lost. Though there are many lost cities that were discovered but we have manged to list out Top 10 Lost Cities In The World.

10 Skara Brae

Though there are many lost cities that were discovered but we have manged to list out Top 10 Lost Cities In The World.
Skara Brae — Photo via

Skara Brae was once situated in Scotland. This is a Neolithic settlement which is a largest island in the Orkney. It has total 8 clustered houses. It is also included in the list of World Heritage Site by UNESCO. The people who stayed in this region before many years used to make grooved ware which is kind of pottery. The houses had earth shelters.

There are carved stones balls found in this region and many articles from here are found in museums of Scotland in present date. The runic writings have been founded here. The articles excavated are shovels, small bowls, ivory pins, beads, adzes and various other articles from that Era which are worth to watch even now.

9 Troy

Top 10 Lost Cities In The World
Troy — Photo via Wikipedia

It was another city which was thought as mystical as Atlantis. It was described in the Iliad of Homer. Troy was situated on the north western part of Turkey. Another place called Ilium was discovered here during the reign of Roman Emperor Augustus. Troia archaeological site is one of the most popular tourist attractions in the world.

There are many small villages near Troy which are worth to watch as they reveal the ancient history. There are several Hittite texts found here. Troy is the place where Trojan War occurred before many years. There are inscriptions at Deir el-Medina which show the victory of Ramasses III in the war.

8 Cliff Palace

Top 10 Lost Cities In The World
Cliff Palace — Photo via

The next on the list is the largest cliff of North America, Cliff Palace. It is situated in Mesa Verde National Park and it is constructed by Ancestral Puebloans. It was destroyed somewhere in the 13th century and then again reconstructed. It was first made from sandstone and mortar. It contains 23 kivas and 150 rooms.

7 Tikal, Guatemala

Top 10 Lost Cities In The World
Tikal, Guatemala — Photo via

Tikal is the ruined structure of a city which is situated in rainforest in Guatemala. It is an archaeological site of the pre-Columbian Maya civilization. Tikal is also included in the list of World Heritage Site by UNESCO. There are many causeways of limestone and also many temples which are worth to see. There are several tombs.

6 Petra

Top 10 Lost Cities In The World
Petra — Photo via Wikipedia

Petra was certainly abandoned by its inhabitants during an earthquake which destroyed it water system until then it flourished in desert. With the advancement and rearrangement of water system in neighbouring cities it was a preferred choice to leave the city rather than to rebuild. Since then it attracts only the travellers and archaeologist on excursion.

5 Mohenjo-daro

Top 10 Lost Cities In The World
Mohenjo-daro — Photo via Wikimedia Commons

Situated on the Indus Valley known for its overlapping construction in the same place after being disappeared is quiet popular in history. Indus Valley civilisation is one of the oldest civilisation. It is believed the science, art, trade, writing, agriculture was in advanced form and it is exemplified in the mohenjo-daro city with ordered streets and proper drainage system. Flooding caused the city to disappear and build again in total 6 times. Later it was rediscovered in 1922.

4 Pompeii

Top 10 Lost Cities In The World
Pompeii — Photo via

The city situated in Rome was destroyed in AD 79 due to volcanic eruption. The entire population was buried under 60 feet of ash. It had around 20000 inhabitants at that time and the city was a secluded spot for vacation for upper society of Romans. After its loss the ruins stood for 1700 years before being discovered again.

It was accidentally rediscovered by some workmen while working on palace for King of Naples. Since then the archeologists are studying the specimens revealing some or the other intersting facts about the long lost city and the ancient Roman culture.

3 Karakoram

Top 10 Lost Cities In The World
Karakorum — Photo via

The city located in Mongolia is the city of Genghis Kha. There are not much ruins left to research on it. The stones and rocks are used to build huge monastery next to it. It acts as a museum, with plethora of artefacts left in situ while many carved stones till remain in the neighborhood.

2 Atlantis

Top 10 Lost Cities In The World
Atlantis — Photo via

It is still in debate whether this city exist in realty. It’s mention is portrayed in Palto’s analogy since 360B.C. The city has been described in a vivid form in his fictional work that most of historians and scientist have been on expeditions in search of the lost city. The most infamous expeditions by Nazis prior to WWII in search of the Atlantan culture.

It is believed that the city got submerged into Atlantic Ocean. There are many hypotheses about the whereabouts of the lost city. Some say it is an island from Mediterranean, island in north Europe or even in Antarctica.

1 Machu Picchu

Top 10 Lost Cities In The World
Machu Picchu — Photo via

This isolated city Machu Picchu is the most mysterious one found near Urubamba valley in Peru. It was discovered by historian Hiram Bingham in 1911 until then no one new its existence.The city has distinguished structures bordered by stone walls. It is said that Incas have built the city and was abandoned in 100 years.

The main reason is not known but still some people believe it was due to small population the entire community was wiped out. It is also believed that the city had some holy temple remnants while some studies prove it was used as a prison, while some believe it was a personal estate of Inca emperor Pachacuti.

Here, are the top 10 lost cities where the mentioned text here is not efficient to justify their long lost tales and to revive the actual cause of its abandonment.

Top 10 Lost Cities In The World

1. Machu Picchu

2. Atlantis

3. Karakoram

4. Pompeii

5. Mohenjo-daro

6. Petra

7. Tikal, Guatemala

8. Cliff Palace

9. Troy

10. Skara Brae


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