Top 10 Most Popular Dancers Of All Time

Most Popular Dancers

Each of us is born with a unique quality in ourselves. The man works hard for his whole life so that he can gain success with the help of his talent and skills. Very few people in the world grab the opportunity they get in life to reach at the sky limits. There are some of the greatest persons in the world who have met with various struggles in their way and managed to be at the top of the world.

Dance is passion for dancers which they show to the world on stage. Each of the dance steps is related to the life story of dancer. The dancers have to work hard to become successful yet there are some of the greatest dancers who have given their best in the field of dancing. Let us look on Top 10 Most Popular Dancers Of All Time .

10 Jennifer Lopez

Top 10 Most Popular Dancers Of All Time
Jennifer Lopez-Photo via Billboard

Jennifer Lopez is a hot American actress, dancer and singer. She began her career with the television series In Living Color. She was interested in dancing at a small age. She is well-known for her ballet, jazz and flamenco dancing styles.

Jennifer Lopez has sexy style of dance in every video of hers. Her outfit in each of the video is beautiful and unique. Her music videos are loved by many fans all over the world. She is described as one of the sexiest women in the world by many popular fashion magazines.

9 Hrithik Roshan

Top 10 Most Popular Dancers Of All Time
Hrithik Roshan-Photo via HDWallpapers

Hrithik Roshan is a handsome Indian actor and one of the best dancers. He performed in various dance events during his college days. He has performed on stage with many popular celebrities and has performed in many events and concerts.

He was a judge in the TV show Just Dance. Hrithik Roshan is one of the sexiest men in Asia. He has also received many notable titles such as “Bollywood Legend” and one of the most desirable men.

8 Michael Flatley

Top 10 Most Popular Dancers Of All Time
Michael Flatley-Photo via Knownpeople

At number 8, it is one of the best dancers in the globe, Micheal Flatley. He is a dancer as well as choreographer. His some of the popular shows include Riverdance, Celtic Tiger and many others. He was interested in dancing since the small age and he learnt the dancing at the age of 11 years.

He won the World Irish Dance title when he was 17 years old. He made tours to various places of the world and performed on the stage. He was the choreographer of the original version of Riverdance. He also danced at the inauguration of Donald Trump.

7 Shakira

Top 10 Most Popular Dancers Of All Time
Shakira-Photo via ProMusicMagazine

Shakira is a hot and bold Colombian dancer as well as singer. She is known for her belly dancing abilities. She has won many notable awards in her life such as MTV Video Music awards, Latin Grammy Awards and Grammy Awards.

Her songs mainly influence the Latin and Arabic styles of music. Shakira has performed in many concerts such as Tour Pies Descalzos and El Dorado World Tour. She has been described as one of the most powerful women in the globe.

6 Martha Graham

Martha Graham was one of the most skilled dancers and choreographer. She was the one who brought the Graham style dancing in America as well as in the whole world. She was first dancer who danced at the White House. She received many honors and notable titles in her entire dancing career.

Martha Graham had a different style of dance involving many sharp movements. She performed on stage with some of the greatest artists of the year. She had received the titles such as “Picasso of Dance”.

5 Prabhu Deva

Prabhu Deva-Photo via indiatv

Prabhu Deva is a talented Indian dancer and choreographer. He has given his best contribution in the field of dancing by introducing various styles of dancing. His dance styles just mesmerize the audience and one can simply fall in love with his body movements.

He has been a choreographer in many Tamil and Hindi movies. Prabhu Deva has won Film fare award for his best choreography for the movies Lakshya and Minsara Kanavu.

4 Joaquin Cortes

Top 10 Most Popular Dancers Of All Time
Joaquin Cortes-Photo via Prezi

At number 4, it is Spanish dancer, Joaquin Cortes. He is known for his ballet and flamenco dance styles. He started his dancing journey at Madrid. He took dancing training there and further worked hard to establish his dancing career.

Joaquin Cortes performed in many venues like Kremlin Palace and the Metropolitan Opera House of New York. His dance style involves both modern as well as ancient themes. He was a guest dancer in “Dancing with the Stars”.

3 Michael Jackson

Top 10 Most Popular Dancers Of All Time
Michael Jackson-Photo via RadarOnline

The “King of Pop” is next on our list. Michael Jackson was one of the best-selling artists in the whole world. She introduced various difficult dancing styles which became popular all around the world. The dancing styles include moonwalk and robot. In his entire career, Michael Jackson received 13 Grammy Awards and 26 American Music Awards.

He made cameo appearances in many music videos with his unique dance styles and story lines. He has been described as one of the most successful artists of all time by Guinness World Records. He is the inspiration for the young generation.

2 Mikhail Baryshnikov

Top 10 Most Popular Dancers Of All Time
Mikhail Baryshnikov-Photo via SeattleMet

Mikhail Baryshnikov is an American dancer. He is famous for his ballet style dancing. He started his dancing career in Canada and worked as a freelancer with many companies and later on, he worked as a principal dancer in the New York City Ballet.

He introduced many new styles of dance and performed with some of the best artists. Mikhail Baryshnikov has received many notable awards such as National Arts Award and Award from dance magazine.

1 Rudolf Nureyev

Top 10 Most Popular Dancers Of All Time
Top 10 Most Popular Dancers Of All Time

At number 1, it is Soviet dancer and choreographer, Rudolf Nureyev. He was a ballet dancer who introduced many classical styles in the dancing field. He worked in The Royal Ballet in London and later on became director of the Paris Opera Ballet.

He performed on stage with some of the most talented dancers of all time. He gave a perfect combo of modern and classical dancing styles. He was the icon in dancing field.

Dance is a zeal and these dancers have turned their zeal into success and gave the world the new way to dance.

Top 10 Most Popular Dancers Of All Time


1. Rudolf Nureyev

2. Mikhail Baryshnikov

3. Michael Jackson

4. Joaquin Cortes

5. Prabhu Deva

6. Martha Graham

7. Shakira

8. Michael Flatley

9. Hrithik Roshan

10. Jennifer Lopez

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