Top 10 Most Popular Socialist Leaders Around the World

Popular Socialist Leaders

There are various kinds of leaders still there are few who will disagree with the fact that the many of the famous personalities amid them are typically the ones who are in the generous to the democratic countries. That is why Prime Ministers and Presidents like Ronald Regan Roosevelt, George Bush, Margaret Thatcher or Obama have been actually well-known all across the world.

That is said, there are also few leaders which are considered to be a have diversity as they bit distinctive in their political lines. There are some will be called as left populist and some can be even called as call socialists. The following are the list of Top 10 Most Popular Socialist Leaders Around the World.

10 Mao Zedong

Top 10 Most Popular Socialist Leaders Around the World
Mao Zedong-Photo via YouTube

If you have ever read about book The Little Red Book written by Mao, read by both the public belonging to the Right as well as the left wing. Also, fighting with the big landlords as well as the Japanese settlers and are said to have two major goals that would be in the New Democratic Revolution.

The Cultural Revolution which was observed then was also a tremendously prevalent occasion in the history. Though, not all were related with Mao and has absent depressed healthy through historians. It is demanded that numerous extremes which took home throughout the Cultural Revolution.

9 Vladimir Lenin

Top 10 Most Popular Socialist Leaders Around the World
Vladimir Lenin-Photo via

Vladimir Lenin was one of the foremost architects during the time of the Bolshevik Revolution. Lenin was also seen and was one of persons infrequent leaders who did not let anything in the front rather than actual battles which were played in contradiction of the cruel Tsars and also was as one of the whose writing as well as the theoretical works would have helped to shine in the light and would have complex glitches by the “class struggle”.

He was also able to estimate the increase of expansionism and was also will correctly foretold without any way towards the victory of the employed class who were battling in Germany and in the rest of Europe. The Russian rebellion would not have succeeded. The history would have stood towards the testimony.

8 J.V. Stalin

J.V. Stalin-Photo via

Though there are many provocative socialist leaders present in the world. Stalin was considered to be one of the roles of various affairs during the time of the Bolshevik Revolution which appropriated a highly nationalist attitude. Dialectical acquisitiveness was t professed so that the authorized philosophy can be introduced to the state below him. Also, there are radical adversaries were cruelly crumpled under his management but did not inadequate to the Trotskyists.

There is an image of the forced labour and Gulag which were treated in a very inhuman condition and has got hundreds of illegal implementations from side of the political prisoners which also came up with a course of time whenever they spoke about Stalin.

7 Dilma Rousseff

Top 10 Most Popular Socialist Leaders Around the World
Dilma Rousseff-Photo via

Brazil has also perceived a renaissance of development as well as approximately majority events under Dilma Rousseff. It was started under the leadership of Lula which was one additional wired by this leader.

The savers as well as the public of the nation which can also be made happier simultaneously. There are numerous renowned academics and radical forecasters similar to take countless attention in the core and distant policies which were assumed by Dilma Rousseff.

6 Salvador Allende

Top 10 Most Popular Socialist Leaders Around the World
Salvador Allende-Photo via

Salvador Allende was also one of the important people related to the increase and emergence of the left wing in Chile. His management was carefully followed by Pinochet, this was further observed by numerous as unique of the greatest autocratic of all eras. Chilean population on the other hand which had now grown up was now in the arms of the free wing and the worldwide education system which was designed then will be recall by the decent old days below Allende.

Though, Allende was detached from control by worth of a revolution and neoliberalism was recognized in the nation in the year 1973.

5 Che Guevara

Top 10 Most Popular Socialist Leaders Around the World
Che Guevara-Photo via

Che Guevara was also one of the greatest well-known signs of revolt, Che had also now become a kind of a household term across the globe. His has got a well-known Motorcycle Diaries which are known to read by almost many of the hot blooded new dissident.

His passion to bring about more positive alteration in the biosphere was demonstrated in Focoist movement which was along with the Fidel and other mates that collapsed the feudal government and approved most of the extensive reforms which were present in the past of the globe.

4 Fidel Castro

Top 10 Most Popular Socialist Leaders Around the World
Fidel Castro-Photo via

Fidel Castro, this name has become identical with Cuba. After aggressive feudal lords and to a consecutively a republic even though the authorizations compulsory by Washington, Castro necessitates also remained the picture lad of leftist wing movements across the globe.

A new feature film was created by this determined leader. He was also unique amongst the mates in arms of the Che Guevara. Fidel Castro was considered to known for his preference in Cigars.

3 Evo Morales

Top 10 Most Popular Socialist Leaders Around the World
Evo Morales-Photo via DailyStormercom

Bolivia has also has seen huge peasant actions as well as party-political disturbances from the native inhabitants in current times. The essence of Latin American conception of equivalence as well as nationality was also felt physically throughout the regulation of Morales.

He was also recognized to various indication of self-same diffident life which is equal with the existences of his countrymen parallel to it.

2 Nicolás Maduro

Top 10 Most Popular Socialist Leaders Around the World
Nicolás Maduro-Photo via

Nicolás Maduro, the present president of Venezuela is recognized for being for his tough hitting methods and his steadfast anti-America spot. He was down as a man who was not recognized for his shred words.

He would also mean for his business as well as for being adamant and would bring Venezuela to one phase nearer to the collective paradise that Chavez had visualized a land for and which would be the deprived for being Venezuelans are observing onward to.

1 Hugo Chavez

Top 10 Most Popular Socialist Leaders Around the World
Hugo Chavez-Photo via

Hugo Chavez, was known for his coarse and hard attitude, this late great leader of Venezuela was said to be a founding father of contemporary leftist wing of Venezuela. His death had certainly controlled numerous things to think that “Pink Tide” in which was waving in Latin America would finally end but luckily, the Venezuelan people originated an able inheritor in Maduro.

Thus, these leaders give us various leadership goals which we should have to sustain ourselves in this competitive world.

Top 10 Most Popular Socialist Leaders Around the World

  1. Hugo Chavez
  2. Nicolás Maduro
  3. Evo Morales
  4. Fidel Castro
  5. Che Guevara
  6. Salvador Allende
  7. Dilma Rousseff
  8. J.V. Stalin
  9. Vladimir Lenin
  10. Mao Zedong

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