Top 10 Political Families In The World

Political Families In The World

Politics is not everyone’s cup of tea. It is a very important responsibility of a political leader to run the affairs of the country. Politics is not winning in the election but much more than that. The duties of a true leader include maintaining peace and order of a country, preservation of heritage, cleanliness and lighting of various cities and towns, education and many others.

It is very difficult task to handle a country and only a leader with true love and dedication for his country can do it. The political leaders pass their skills to the next generation and in this way, the hierarchy is passed from one to other generation. There are some of the most political families in the world which have been in the rule since many years. So, among the many powerful political we have listed Top 10 Political Families In The World.

10 Castro Family

Top 10 Political Families In The World
Castro — Photo via

Fidel Castro was a communist revolutionary from Cuba. He was both a Prime Minister and President of Republic of Cuba. He was the main person behind making Cuba a one-party communist state. Castro family ruled over Cuba for last many decades.

As a leader, Fidel Castro was a very dominating one. Her sister Juanita Castro was a strict opponent of her brother. Fidel Castro’s brother Raul was also opponent to Fidel. Raul’s son Alejandro is the successor after Fidel Castro’s death.

9 Nehru-Gandhi’s Family

Top 10 Political Families In The World
Nehru-Gandhi’s Family — Photo via Youtube

Nehru and Gandhi family is one of the most famous political parties in the world. They have been the important members in the formation of Indian National Congress. Jawaharlal Nehru, Indira Gandhi and Rajiv Gandhi were once the Prime Minister of India.

Actually the roots of political background were from Delhi. Gangadhar Nehru was the last Kotwal of Delhi in mid-18th century. Later on, many generations of this family served in politics for many years. The 6th generations of Nehru-Gandhi family have been ruling over India from last many years.

8 Bismarck Family

Top 10 Political Families In The World
Bismarck — Photo via

A German noble family which came in power somewhere in the 19th century is that of Otto von Bismarck who was a statesman. He became the Prince of Bismarck in the year 1871. Later, many of his family members ruled over Bismarck. His son Herbert was also the Prince of Bismarck. This family belonged to Altmark region.

Many of the descendants and relatives of Bismarck family were councilor, General Lieutenant and many others. This family has been ruling on Bismarck from mid-17th century and continued till the early 19th century.

7 Hatoyama Family

Top 10 Political Families In The World
Hatoyama Family — Photo via

The next on the list is Hatoyama family who ruled over Japan since the beginning of 19th century. It is the most important political families of Japan. Yukio Hatoyama and Ichiro Hatoyama both were Prime Minister of Japan. Around 4 generations of Hatoyama Family ruled on Japan.

Kazuo Hatoyama served as a speaker of House of Representatives during the 18th century was father of Yukio Hatoyama. His grandfather Ichiro Hatoyama was the first President of the Liberal Democratic Party. His father also served as a foreign minister.

6 Hussein’s Family

Top 10 Political Families In The World
Hussein’s Family– Photo via

Saddam Hussein was the President of Iraq from the year 1979 till 2003. This family is originally from Al-Awja. Subha Tulfah al-Mussallat was the mother of Saddam Hussein and after her death, her descendants ruled over Iraq for about a century.

Uday Hussein who was 2nd son of Saddam Hussein was the director of Iraqi Football Association. His second son Qusay Hussein was in military. The other daughters of Saddam Hussein fled to Jordan after the war and got themselves established there.

5 Springs and Springs-Rice Family

Top 10 Political Families In The World
Springs and Springs-Rice Family — Photo via Pinterest

The next on the list is The Spring family which has ruled over East Anglia and Ireland right from 15th century. The first person in the field of politics was Sir Henry Spring who was the lord of the manor. This family was one of the wealthiest families of England during the 15th century. Thomas Spring was the first to become member of Suffolk Springs.

The Springs family became the nobles in Suffolk. Some of the members of this family served in army too. Sir Cecil Spring Rice served as a British Ambassador and his cousin, Thomas Spring Rice was diplomat.

4 Arslan Family

Top 10 Political Families In The World
Arslan Family — Photo via

Emir Talal Arsian is the head of Druze Lebanese Democratic Party. He was twice the Minister of State and also Minister of Emigrants form the year 1996 to the year 1998. Talal Arsian is the founder of Lebanese Democratic Party. His father Emir Majid Arslan played an important role in Lebanese Independence and was a defense minister for 30 years.

Arslan family is said to have been in the area of politics since the 7th century and at that time they rules over Beirut. This family is one the most successful political parties in the world.

3 Bhutto-Zardari Family

Top 10 Political Families In The World
Bhutto-Zardari Family — Photo via

The Bhutto Family is important head in Pakistani politics. The family members of this family were the leaders of Pakistan People’s Party. They are originally the Muslim Rajputs which have their roots in Sindh province. The first member of Bhutto family was Sheto who got converted into Muslim. Later, Shah Nawaz Bhutto was a dewan of princely state of Junagadh.

Zulfikar Ali Bhutton was the son of Shah Nawaz who formed the Pakistan People’s Party and became both President and Prime Minister. His daughter Benazir Bhutto was also a Prime Minister of Pakistan.

2 Kim Family

Top 10 Political Families In The World
Kim Family — Photo via

Kim II-sung was the first leader of North Korea. This family has been ruling over North Korea since the year 1948. He formed the new government, the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea. After his death, Kim Jong-il became the leader and then the Great General. His son Kim Jong-un is the successor of his father Kim John-il.

1 Kennedy Family

Top 10 Political Families In The World
Kennedy Family — Photo via

On number 1 it is Kennedy family which has played an important role in American politics. A member from this family was elected every year for federal elective office. The first member of Kennedy family in politics was Patrick Joseph Kennedy who served as the first chairman of the Securities and Exchange Commission. His son John was 35th President of the United States. Many members of this family were assassinated.

These families have been some of the most powerful ones in the world and they follow a regular pattern for ruling over their countries.

Top 10 Political Families In The World

1. Kennedy Family

2. Kim Family

3. Bhutto-Zardari Family

4. Arslan Family

5. Springs and Springs-Rice Family

6. Hussein’s Family

7. Hatoyama Family

8. Bismarck Family

9. Nehru-Gandhi’s Family

10. Castro Family


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