Top 10 Most Popular Google Products

Most Popular Google Products

Man created computer but now computer is controlling the man. Nowadays, whether you want to clean the home within few minutes or need some fresh air, science has made various devices such as air conditioners or robot, the technology makes it possible everything. The 21st century is rightly said as the era of modernization and technology. Google is an American company which deals in online advertising and software and hardware products.

It was founded in the year 1998 by two students named Larry Page and Sergey Brin. Since its establishment, Google has developed into the most popular online advertising company. This article will give you the details of various kinds of Google products which have become very famous in the world. So, we have listed out Top 10 Most Popular Google Products.

10 Google Translate

Top 10 Most Popular Google Products
Google Translate — Photo via

On number 10 it is Google translate. It is a language translation service offered by Google. You can easily translate any language on any page. There are about 103 languages present in this service. As per the records of the year 2013, Google Translate is used by more than 200 million people per day.

It uses Google Neural Machine Translation which can translate the big sentences. There are browser extensions for Google Chrome and Firefox.

9 Google Docs

Top 10 Most Popular Google Products
Google Docs — Photo via

The next product on the list is Google docs. It is a word processor which is given by Google. It is simple to use and there are frequent updates on new products. The documents which can be converted into Docs are .docx, .dotx, .html and many more.

The Google Docs supports maximum 50 MB size documents and images. The documents must be .jpg, .png and non-animated .gif formats. This product is useful to edit and convert many pages, files, documents and sheets.

8 Blogger

Top 10 Most Popular Google Products
Blogger — Photo via

At number 8, it is blogger which is the service that publishes the blogs. It was created by Google in the year 2003. The blogs are hosted by The user has to make his/her account on Blogger with details such as email id and password. The user can write maximum 100 blogs per account.

Blogger does not have any charge for using its domain like other services. There are many languages available on this service in which you can write blogs. Now, you can become a popular writer and blogger by sharing your blogs and articles on Blogger.

7 Google News

Top 10 Most Popular Google Products
Google News —
Photo via

The next product provided by Google is Google News. This service gives all the worldwide news from various sources and websites. The service was opened in the year 2006. It supports 35 languages. This service provides news from last 30 days in every area.

It is linked with many websites and above 25000 publishers. Google News also gives news regarding science and technology section. You can search the news by the date and the time of a particular event.

6 Google Maps

Top 10 Most Popular Google Products
Google Maps — Photo via

Google Maps is the mapping service provided by Google. It gives you the directions of the streets and various other places where you want to go. This service is designed by Lars and Jens Eilstrup. Google Maps was started in the year 2005. It has a locater for organizations and businesses in many countries of the globe.

Google Maps can show direction in every city of the world except those places which are very near to the poles. It also gives updates of the traffic and route planning for those who travel by bus, car or bicycle.

5 Google +

Top 10 Most Popular Google Products
Google + — Photo via

It is online social network service provided by Google. Google + was started in the year 2011 and it offers the services such as posting images and status. You can make a circle by adding all your best friends and close ones and share pictures, texts and videos.

It also provides Hangouts where you can chat for long hours with your loved ones and can share location, images, videos and albums with your friends. The design of Google + was changed to turn it into faster and better service.

4 Google Adwords

Top 10 Most Popular Google Products
Google Adwords — Photo via YouTube

By this service, you can show your products and services to the customers all over the world. It is an online advertising service provided by Google. Google Adwords is a nice choice for small business, entrepreneurship and partnerships. You can even create a video of your products and services on the network of Google Adwords in order to give better information about your product line and business.

It works on keywords and cookies. This service is the main source of income for Google. The other services provided by Adwords are pay-per-click and cost-per-acquisition.

3 Google Adsense

Top 10 Most Popular Google Products
Google Adsense — Photo via Youtube

On number 3, it is other advertising medium provided by Google which is Google Adsense. The users can serve text, image or videos of their products and services so that customers can get a better idea. It is one of the main sources of income for Google with revenue of about $3.4 billion as per the records of the year 2014.

The publishers of Adsense are given payment on the basis of the total number of clicks. There are strict rules and regulations for the working of this service which every publisher should follow before posting the ads.

2 YouTube

Top 10 Most Popular Google Products
YouTube — Photo via Youtube

YouTube is the most popular video streaming app today. It is managed by Google and offers the thousands of videos on all subjects such as news, sports, religion, TV series, cooking shows, animated shows, kids and many more.

The videos support the Adobe Flash technology. YouTube offers many other options to share, upload, rate and comment on various videos. One billion hours of videos are watched on this site per day.

1 Google Search Engine

Top 10 Most Popular Google Products
Google Search Engine — Photo via Wikipedia

At number 1, it is Google search engine. It is the most popular search engine in the globe now. There are above 3 billion searches every day on this engine. You can search for numerous features on Google search engine such as time zones, airports, weather forecasts, home listings and many more. There are other features such as language translation, calculations and many more on Google search engine.

Google is one of the most valuable brands in the globe with other products such as Google Chrome, Gmail and many others.

Top 10 Most Popular Google Products

1. Google Search Engine

2. YouTube

3. Google Adsense

4. Google Adwords

5. Google +

6. Google Maps

7. Google News

8. Blogger

9. Google Docs

10. Google Translate


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