Top 10 Richest Indian

Richest Indian

India known for its rich heritage and culture has proudly given birth to top notch geniuses who have shared their discoveries and intelligence with the world. Likewise, not only in field of excellence but also Indians are famous for minting money.

Indian economy is growing by 7.5 % however top 100 wealthy people lost 20% of their wealth still managed to trace their names on Forbes magazines 2017. Here is the list of Top 10 Richest Indian.

10 Gautam Adani, $11 billion

Top 10 Richest Indian
Gautam Adani-Photo via

The last but not the least of richest Indians. Gautam Adani hails from Gujarat controls Mundra port, one of the largest port in India. The revenue net worth $11 billion is from his various hot businesses like real estate, commodities & power generation and transmission.

A smooth  sea never made skilled sailor is the quote well suited for Mr. Adani hence his assets not only occupy Indian land mass but overseas ports and coal mines as well. His son chairs Adani ports and SEZ, one of the family biggest assets. He has also tie up with Swedish defence firm to make fighter jet for our country.

9 Dilip Sanghvi, $12.1 billion

Top 10 Richest Indian
Dilip Sanghvi-Photo via youtube

A son of pharma distributor started Sun pharmaceutical with loan of $200 from his father. Sun pharmaceutical stands fourth for its generic portfolio. Dilip Sanghvi has changed the structure of  pharmaceutical industry by acquiring its rival Ranbaxy.

Sun pharma shares declined after the recall of drugs due to its manufacturing lapses as mentioned by USFDA. He has a net worth of $12.1 billion.

8 Kumar Birla, $12.6 billion

Top 10 Richest Indian
kumar mangallam birla-Photo via BloombergQuint

We all are well verse with Aditya Birla group. Kumar Birla is the 4th generation business tycoon to head Aditya Birla group. Their businesses ranges  from cement to aluminium, telecom and financial services. He has also launched ‘aadhyam’ an initiative to support theatre. With a net worth of $12.6 billion he grabs the 8th spot in our of Top 10 Richest Indian.

7 Shiv Nadar, $13.6 billion

Shiv Nadar-Photo via ShivNadarFoundation

He is famously known as IT Magnate. Shiv is the founder of HCL technologies who now has customers like Boeing, Microsoft and Cisco. HCL was born in a garage and with Shiv’s diligence effort it was a huge success.

Shiv is a philanthropist and has donated in his own charity trust for the education related causes. He hires most of the high school  grads and train them for jobs.

6 Godrej Family, $14.2 billion

Top 10 Richest Indian
Godrej Family-Photo via yutube

The affluent family reigning consumer goods market  since British age  holds net revenue of $ 14.2 billion. The Godrej group is a 120 year old consumer giant started by Ardeshir Godrej, a lawyer by profession left his lucarative profession to start business of locks.

The board of directors is graced by Adi Godrej. Godrej Group of companies include Godrej consumer products chaired by his daughter and Godrej properties by his son. The family asset has vast land in suburban Mumbai.

5 Pallonji Mistry, $16 billion

Top 10 Richest Indian
Top 10 Richest Indian

The older you become more experienced you are in your field hold true for Mr. Pallonji Shahapur Mistry who is an Irish citizen ranking 5th in Forbes list with net worth $16 billion revenue. The main source of income is construction, real estate, textiles, shipping, power and publications.

His elder son is heading Eureka Forbes ( water purifier) group. His younger son Mr Cyrus Mistry  is on legal battle with Tata’s as he was ousted from Tata board of directors.

4 Lakshmi Mittal, $16.5 billion

Lakshmi Mittal-Photo via IndiaWest

As the name depicts Lakshmi “ goddess of wealth” has showered her blessings with wealth at Mittal house. The steel magnate serves as the chairman and CEO of Arceolar Mittal – One of the largest steel producers in world. Lakshmi ranks fourth with annual income $ 16 billion. Belonging to the steel clan, Lakshmi has managed to surpassed his business far over as compared to his siblings.

After various huge losses the industry still manages to be one of the top industry in the world. Lakshmi Mittal has proved his mettle by being honored as one of the influential person in the world by Times magazines.

3 Hinduja brothers, $18.4 billion

Top 10 Richest Indian
HindujaBrothers-Photo via GulfDailyNews

It is not wise to put all eggs in one basket holds true for Multinational conglomerate Hinduja groups. The 4 siblings heads the group & their office is in London. Their income estimates $18.4  billion. Their source of income is diverse ranging from oil and gas, automobile, banking, defence & medical.

2 Azim Premji, $19 billion

Top 10 Richest Indian
Azim Premji-Photo via lotindianmag

The tech tycoon founder of Wipro  is also the famous Asian philanthropist.His net worth income is $ 19 billions. He has donated $2.2 Billions in his charity trust. Aziz father was a business man of selling vegetable oil. Aziz decided to take a paradigm shift and try his hands in one of the booming sector software industry.

He has not only tasted the success in the industry but has also set up an innovation center in Silicon Valley which focus on technology and collaborate with various startups. Recently he is residing Bangalore and his son chairs Wipro’s $100 millions venture capital funds.

1 Mukesh Ambani, $38 billion

Top 10 Richest Indian
Top 10 Richest Indian-Photo via

Reliance Industries limited chairman, Mukesh Ambani total net worth income is $38 billions. Despite the fluid in economy he has added sum of $ 15 billion to his monetary treasure. Reliance industry worth$ 51 billion revenue deals with oil and gas.Reliance was the brain child of Mukesh Ambani’s father , Mr. Dhirubhai Ambani.Mukesh Ambani and his younger brother Anil Ambani has divided the giant empire.Reliance introduced  Jio which has revolutionised the highly competitive telecom industry. Mukesh Ambani is an alumnus from Institute of chemical technology and Stanford dropout.

He has many famous accolades in his name. This is his tenth consecutive year of being richer person in India.His better half Mrs Neeta Ambani has eagerly step in the Reliance corporate social responsibility. Ambani villa the magnificent Antilla house located on Peddar Road has also created its space in top richest and expensive houses in world.

The list comprises best of best Indian tycoons who have been recognised as affluent people throughout the world.Their dedication, determination and hard work were the ingredients to make it to the top. Never to die attitude and passion for work, helped them to etched their name in the top ten rich Indian list.

Top 10 Richest Indian

1) Mukesh Ambani, $38 billion

2) Aziz Premji, $19 billion

3) Hinduja brothers, $18.4 billion

4) Lakshmi Mittal, $16.5 billion

5) Pallonji Mistry, $16 billion

6) Godrej Family, $14.2 billion

7) Shiv Nadar, $13.6 billion

8) Kumar Birla, $12.6 billion

9) Dilip Sanghvi, $12.1 billion

10) Gautam Adani, $11 billion



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