Top 10 Spectacular Tree Houses in the World

Let’s have a look at the top 10 spectacular tree houses in the world. To live in a tree house is a childhood dream. Now there are many well built and designed tree houses. Some prefer to stay in tree houses because of its uniqueness and some for the means of saving environment.

These tree house designs are incredible; the ideas put behind each of them are brilliant and are for sure extremely expensive with high quality. Many built tree houses in order to rent them and earn money. There are many tree house hotels built as well in different shapes and sizes. Some of these designs are built into a tree, or even hung through trees; some are very unusual and exceptional.

10 Boeing 727 Treehouse (Costa Rica)

Top 10 Spectacular Tree Houses in the World
Top 10 Spectacular Tree Houses in the World–Photo via

The design of the Boeing 727 Tree house is truly mind blowing located in Costa Rica. The design of this tree house was created by the owners of Hotel Costa Verde who planned to buy the Boeing from San Jose Airport for about 2 million dollars.

To renovate and also the transport cost went for about $28,000,00 which is quite a lot but was a clever investment providing the price of stay per night to be $700. This tree house also includes of a Jacuzzi that is in the Cockpit of the plane.

9 Alnwick Garden Treehouse (Northumberland, England)

Top 10 Spectacular Tree Houses in The World
Alnwick Garden Treehouse (Northumberland, England)–Photo via

This tree house based in Northumberland in England consists of 2 classrooms, unique 120 seated restaurant, a juice bar, and all of this is connected through tree walk ways along with rope bridges.

It is one of the most beautiful tree houses which such amazing surroundings to be seen in the world.

8  La Casa Del Arbol (Ecuador)

Top 10 Spectacular Tree Houses in the World
La Casa Del Arbol (Ecuador)–Photo via

La Casa Del Arbol tree house is an impressive work and is based on a tree in Ecuador. This tree house is on quite a height and at the edge of the cliff.

People who are fond of crazy adventures and not afraid of heights should surely go here, mainly for the swing which is quite amazing but at the same time very terrifying and is also called the Swing of Death as it takes one above sea level to 2600 meters.

7  UFO Treehouse (Sweden)

Top 10 Spectacular Tree Houses in the World
UFO Treehouse (Sweden)–Photo via

UFO tree house in Sweden is just a beautiful site with the most splendid scenario covered in snow. It has the most stylish interior as well as the exterior leaving one no option to resist experiencing this, especially for the view.

It has got modern furniture which is durable and light weighted to make it sustainable for long time. It consists only of a bedroom, living room, and a bathroom but it is quite impressive.

 6 The Mirror Cube (Sweden)

Top 10 Spectacular Tree Houses in the World
The Mirror Cube (Sweden)–Photo via

Mirror cube which is based in Sweden is a hanging tree house, which design is completely unique and outstanding. It is created with light weight aluminum and gives the look of a tree house covered with mirrors which is beautiful. As the house’s exterior is made from aluminum that gives mirror walls it can reflect the surrounding environment and the interior of this tree house is made of plywood. The windows in there give 360 degree view and in order to avoid birds getting by there is an infrared film that is seen only to birds.

This mirror cube tree house does not come at a cheaper price, per night for each individual it costs about $592. But it includes of all the necessary amenities like a small kitchenette, living room, bathroom, a large bed, terrace roof, and can accommodate 2 people.

5  Yellow Treehouse Restaurant (Auckland, New Zealand)

Top 10 Spectacular Tree Houses in the World
Yellow Treehouse Restaurant (Auckland, New Zealand)–Photo via

This tree house in New Zealand is the dream comes true for tree house lovers as it is so beautiful and whimsical especially in the night time when it is lightened with yellow lights.

It can consist of almost 30 diners and can also host a wedding dinner. It is a stunning architecture work. One should definitely consider visiting here once if in New Zealand.

4 The Hemloft (Whistler, Canada)

Top 10 Spectacular Tree Houses in the World
The Hemloft (Whistler, Canada)–Photo via

This tree house is located in a beautiful environment that is hidden in the woods of Whistler in Canada. This is a self funded tree house which hangs on a steep slope that is in a towering stand of the hemlocks which is around 5 minute walk from the nearby road.

The Hemloft is a secret tree house which was built by Allen and his Fiancée whose name is Heidi. They call it the creation of true love, and got all the materials from the Craigslist ads.

3 Chateaux dans les Arbes (France)

Top 10 Spectacular Tree Houses in the World
Chateaux dans les Arbes (France)–Photo via smallhousebliss.files.wordpress

This tree house is shaped like a castle of those from fairytales. It is located in France and is about 2 hours from Bordeaux.

This tree house would definitely bring back ones childhood memories and it has got hot tubs, beds, bathrooms, kitchen, etc. all the basic amenities. There are 5 such tree houses which can accommodate 2-4 people and the cost per night here is for $250 to $350.

2 Teahouse Tetsu (Japan)

Top 10 Spectacular Tree Houses in the World
Teahouse Tetsu (Japan)–Photo via

This Teahouse Tetsu in Japan is designed by an Architect named Terunobu Fujimori who is Japanese. This tree house is like a fairytale house which is surrounded by beautiful pink glowing blossom trees.

It is a miniature tea house and is very simple and modern but it is the surrounding which makes it so stunning that will definitely capture ones attention. It looks very peaceful and pleasant.

1 Minister’s Treehouse (Crossville, Tennessee, USA)

Top 10 Spectacular Tree Houses in the World
Minister’s Treehouse (Crossville, Tennessee, USA)–Photo via by Chuck Sutherland

Minister’s Tree house is the tallest tree house of them all in the whole world. it is said that Horace Burgess who is a local minister was asked by God to build such structure in 1993 while he was praying.

This tree house was completed in the year 2007 and the interior of this tree house is mainly for church use but at times also used as a basketball court.

Top 10 Spectacular Tree Houses in the World

No. Top 10 Spectacular Tree Houses in the World
1 Boeing 727 Treehouse (Costa Rica)
2  Alnwick Garden Treehouse (Northumberland, England)
3 La Casa Del Arbol (Ecuador)
4 UFO Treehouse (Sweden)
5  The Mirror Cube (Sweden)
6 Yellow Treehouse Restaurant (Auckland, New Zealand)
7 The Hemloft (Whistler, Canada)
8 Chateaux dans les Arbes (France)
9  Teahouse Tetsu (Japan)
10 Minister’s Treehouse (Crossville, Tennessee, USA)

Hope this list of spectacular tree houses helps you select the best one for you to visit and enjoy the stay in these beautifully built tree houses which are highly sustainable:

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