Top 10 Things To Do To Increase Height

Things To Do To Increase Height

A charming persona is what we want. We do thousands of things to be more beautiful or handsome. A perfect persona is the good face with perfect weight and height. We look after our eating habits often so that we do not gain much weight. We rush to gyms and perform various exercises just to stay fit, slim and healthy. The personality is the first thing which every one notices wherever we go.

Height is the most important factor behind which we spent much of the time and money. We have cycled and hanged on the handles of the door in our childhood days just to have a good height. A tall height is the dream of every person but unfortunately due to genetics not each one can have good height. Today, we will discuss Top 10 Things To Do To Increase Height.

10 Bar Hanging

Top 10 Things To Do To Increase Height
Bar Hanging — Photo via

This is one of the oldest and most common ways since many years to increase height. Hanging on the vertical bar stretches the spine. It reduces the pull on the vertebras which ultimately increases the height by some inches.

The horizontal bar can also serve the task better. It should be kept in such a way that your body can stretch to the full. One of the most important things to take care of while hanging on this bar is that your arms and shoulders should be in relaxed position.

9 Get Adequate Sleep

Top 10 Things To Do To Increase Height
Get Adequate Sleep — Photo via

A proper sleep of 8 hours is very important for the development of the body. Sleep regenerates the tissues in our body. An adequate sleep will increase the amount of Human Growth Hormone which is good for the overall development of the nervous system.

As the result of good HGH in your body, the height will increase. So in order to have a good height, sleep at least for 8 hours in the night.

8 Pelvic Shift

Top 10 Things To Do To Increase Height
Pelvic Shift — Photo via

You can perform this exercise in order to get a tall height. This exercise will help to extend your spine and hips. First of all, lay down on your back with shoulders and arms on the ground. Now you have to bend the knees and move your legs front and back.

This exercise will help your whole body to extend from shoulders to the legs. It makes your bones and muscles more flexible and you can increase your height by some inches within few months by performing this exercise.

7 Vitamin D

Top 10 Things To Do To Increase Height
Vitamin D — Photo via

One of the most effective ways to increase your height is to get more and more Vitamin D. As we all know that vitamin D is essential for having good bones. The strong bones and muscles will then give a good height.

In order to get more vitamin D, prefer walking and jogging in the morning hours and expose your body to sunlight as it is the main source of vitamin D. You can include many food items in your meals such as milk and many other dairy products, fish, pork and mushrooms.

6 Forward Spine Stretch

Top 10 Things To Do To Increase Height
Forward Spine Stretch — Photo via

You can try this exercise to increase your height naturally. Sit in a normal position with your feet in the front side. Then extend your both hands till the tip toes and bend in the forward position.

You may find it a bit painful experience at first but then you will get used to it as you perform this exercise regularly. This exercise will help in increasing the height by some inches.

5 Play Sports

Top 10 Things To Do To Increase Height
Play Sports — Photo via

Play your favorite outdoor sports every day to have a good height. The sports make your body physically active and fit which ultimately needs more nutrients. To have more nutrients, you will prefer eating nutritious foods. This process will result in the stimulation of the growth hormones.

To have a tall height, play football, cricket, volleyball, basketball and any other outdoor game which you love. Good food and adequate sleep are other factors that contribute for good height.

4 Swimming

Top 10 Things To Do To Increase Height
Swimming — Photo via

Swimming is one of the most beneficial ways to get a good height. Swim at least for two hours every day in order to get tall. Swimming includes stretching your arms, legs and all other parts of the body which help in increasing the height. Swimming builds muscles stronger and healthier.

You can swim in breast stroke way to get a taller height. So now, if you are above 18 years also, you can go for swimming every day for some hours and you will notice that your height increases in some months by few inches.

3 Drink Lots Of Water

Top 10 Things To Do To Increase Height
Drink Lots Of Water — Photo via

It may sound weird but it is very useful way to get a taller height. Drinking adequate amount of water has many health benefits such as it keeps your body hydrated, cleans your bowels, strong digestive system and fast metabolism. These factors are very useful in having the overall growth of the human body as such.

The growth of the body will then result in taller height within some months. So, in order to be tall, drink at least 8 to 9 glasses of water. You can even consume fruits containing high amount of water such as grapes, watermelons and cucumbers.

2 Rope Skipping

Top 10 Things To Do To Increase Height
Rope Skipping — Photo via

Remember we used to buy rope for skipping? Well, it is one of the best ways to get taller. If you do skipping for some hours every day, your height will definitely increase in some months. This method is one of the oldest ones for increasing height and good for children. Skipping stretches your whole body which results in good height.

1 Seek Medical Assistance

Top 10 Things To Do To Increase Height
Seek Medical Assistance — Photo via

Consult your doctor if your height has still not grown up to the mark as per your age. A health expert will suggest some good medicines which will regulate your growth hormones and you will then be able to get a good height. There may be some genetic problems which you doctor will soon catch up and suggest appropriate measures for having a good height.

Don’t worry if you are above 18 years. Try these methods and you will surely get a tall height.

Top 10 Things To Do To Increase Height

1. Seek Medical Assistance

2. Rope Skipping

3. Drink Lots Of Water

4. Swimming

5. Play Sports

6. Forward Spine Stretch

7. Vitamin D

8. Pelvic Shift

9. Get Adequate Sleep

10. Bar Hanging


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