Top 10 Types Of Body Piercing

10 Types Of Body Piercing

Fashion is the way to show you to the world by way of clothes and jewelry. The fashion trends have been updated from time to time. The costumes and accessories which are popular today in trend have been taken from the ancient period. The fashion is the thing which is often repeated after some years and it is passed from one generation to another. The body piercings are popular fashion form since the Stone and Bronze Age Period.

It is gaining popularity in today’s time among the youngsters. The body piercings can be done on various parts of the bodies and it looks sexy with every person’s personality. The body piercings match with any kinds of costumes and you can do them on several occasions. If you are a fan of body piercing then you may prefer it doing on some of the body parts. We have listed out Top 10 Types Of Body Piercing.

10 Fingers Piercing

Fingers Piercing-Photo via BodyPiercingMagazine

This is one of the most popular body piercings among youngsters. It is a little bit paining experience but looks good. You can choose the different kinds of piercings needles. Finger piercing can be done both by males as well as females. The piercing can be done on the sides of any fingers or on the palms of the fingers.

The females can do finger piercing of different styles which give the fingers a beautiful look. The finger piercings can be done so that you need have to wear the matching finger ring each time with the clothes.

9 Belly Button Piercing

Top 10 Types Of Body Piercing
Belly Button Piercing-Photo via Pinterest

The next popular form of piercing among the young girls is belly button piercing. The piercings can be of various shapes such as flower or circular. You can even choose different colors of piercings which give a sexy look to the belly. It is very famous among ladies of many western countries.

The belly button piercing looks wonderful when you plan for a beach party or a sun bath on the beaches. The belly button piercings are also done by men.

8 Nose Piercing

Top 10 Types Of Body Piercing
Nose Piercing-Photo via Healthline

Nose piercing is done since many years among the ladies in most of the countries of the world. It can be done on one side of the nose or both the sides. The piercings can be of various styles such as steel or iron one.

You can wear different shapes of nose piercings such as rings of small or large size. The girls can wear the piercings in between the holes of the nose. The nose piercings look awesome when you go to any marriage functions or while hanging out with friends.

7 Bite Piercing

Top 10 Types Of Body Piercing
Bite Piercing-Photo via BodyPiercingMagazine

Bite piercings are done in any of the places around the mouth and lips. It looks beautiful on any ladies with fair or black complexion. You can choose the shining or the dull polished piercings which suit your skin. The bite piercing can be done on top of the lips or near the chin area also.

The piercings are popular in both males as well as females. You can also pierce needles or small circular piercings which give a sexy look on your face.

6 Eyebrow Piercing

Top 10 Types Of Body Piercing
Eyebrow Piercing-Photo via Just Piercings

Another one of the weirdest forms of fashion is eyebrow piercing. It gives a vibrant look on your face and your lovely eyes look all the more awesome. The piercing can be done on top and bottom of the areas of the eyebrows with needles or the circular designed ones.

The eyebrow piercings can be done either horizontally or vertically. It can be also done below or above the eyes. The eyebrow piercing can be done between the areas of forehead and the sides of the eyebrows.

5 Dimple Piercing

Top 10 Types Of Body Piercing
Dimple Piercing-Photo via

We often love the persons with dimples. But unfortunately we all don’t have those special features on our faces. If you are a dimple fan then dimple piercing is one of the best ways by which you can fulfill your wish.

You can do piercing on both the cheeks and wear a stud or a circular piercing of various colors and styles. It gives an awesome look on your face. The dimple piercing looks great in any kinds of outfits such as traditional or western dresses.

4 Nape Piercing

Top 10 Types Of Body Piercing
Nape Piercing-Photo via DeviantArt

Nape piercing looks fantastic if you love backless clothes. The nape piercings are done on any area of the neck such as behind the neck below the hair or on the sides of the neck. You can choose any type of piercings of various styles and colors.

There are also needles which you pierce in nape piercing. It is a sexy style of showing your back with beautiful dresses. The piercings can be chosen of different colors which suit your skin complexion.

3 Tongue Piercing

Piercing Photo via

Tongue piercings are getting popular slowly in all the countries of the world as a symbol of street fashion. You can piercings on any areas of the tongue such as in the middle of the tongue or the sides of the tongue.

You can wear the circular rings or the needles on the tongue. It is a nice way to show your fashion style in the world. A special care should be taken to avoid infection on the tongue.

2 Labret Piercing

Labret Piercing-Photo via

If you are up to on a date with someone then labret piercing is the best option by which you can give a sexy look to your lips. Labret piercing can be done on any areas of lips and piercings can be worn in the form of rings of needles of various colors. You can then enhance the look of your sexy lips by applying a good shade lipstick and lip gloss which is shiny.

1 Frenillo Piercing

Top 10 Types Of Body Piercing
Photo via

Frenillo piercing is done inside the mouth in the upper area of the lips. You can do piercings on the upper side of the front teeth and wear a circular ring or insert round balls which give a beautiful look to your teeth. When you laugh, frenillo piercing adds  to the beauty of your teeth and looks stylish.

So which one would you select now? All these piercing have become popular  and men and women want one on their body.

Top 10 Types Of Body Piercing


  1. Frenillo Piercing
  2. Labret Piercing
  3. Tongue Piercing
  4. Nape Piercing
  5. Dimple Piercing
  6. Eyebrow Piercing
  7. Bite Piercing
  8. Nose Piercing
  9. Belly Button Piercing
  10. Fingers Piercing


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