Top 10 Most Walkable Cities In The World

Most Walkable Cities

Traveling is one of the most refreshing activities in life. If you are tired of work and hectic life schedule, just pack your bags to explore some places of the world with your friends and family. To go to a totally new place will gives you lots of new experiences. It is so very interesting to find new culture, lifestyle, cuisines, art, literature and much more of a different country. Walking is good for health and it is very good idea to explore some places of the world by walking.

Walking will give you lots of information about the different aspects of a new place. So there are some cities that are very favourable for waling of these we have listed Top 10 Most Walkable Cities In The World. You can enjoy the beautiful climate of a new place with many nearby tourist attractions. Today, we will discuss about the most walkable cities of the world.

10 Vancouver

Top 10 Most Walkable Cities In The World
Vancouver — Photo via

Vancouver is one of the most beautiful cities in Canada. It is a city famous for its quality life. Walking in this city is really a great experience. There are wonderful parks and gardens in the city for walking. The nature gives a breathtaking feel here. There are many urban sites here to watch.

You can enjoy walking here from False Creek to Granville Island where there is a pure environment. There are many nightclubs, pubs and parks which you can enjoy viewing more by walking rather than driving a car or going by any other means of transport.

9 Munich

Top 10 Most Walkable Cities In The World
Munich — Photo via

Munich is one of the most developed cities of Germany with high standard of life. There are many good spots to view in this city. The Romanesque styled structures and ancient buildings are the special characteristics of Munich which can be discovered more with walking.

Explore beautiful squares of the city and art galleries and museum here. Munich has many beautiful streets in Schwabing and Maxvorstadt. There are public parks here where you can enjoy cycling as well as walking.

8 Paris

Top 10 Most Walkable Cities In The World
Paris — Photo via Pinterest

A romantic city is next on the list, Paris. It is a city which has many artistic structures and historic buildings to view. Some of the popular tourist attractions of Paris include The Gothic royal chapel of Sainte-Chapelle, the Cathedral of Notre Dame de Paris and many more.

Paris has many opera houses, theaters and museums which can enjoy by taking a walk in the city. Enjoy a long walk with your loved ones near the riverside. You can enjoy some beer and snacks at the bars in good weather. Montmarte is another good place to explore by walking.

7 Helsinki

Top 10 Most Walkable Cities In The World
Helsinki — Photo via Pinterest

Helsinki is capital of Finland and one of the most stunning places to discover by walking. You can take a walk around Helsinki Cathedral which is one of the most tourist attractions here. This city has many artistic buildings by Alvar Aalto which was one of the most popular architects in the world.

Explore museums and art galleries here. There are many arts and culture festivals in Helsinki which is a specialty of Finnish culture. You can take part in that too.

6 Dubrovnik

Top 10 Most Walkable Cities In The World
Dubrovnik — Photo via

Dubrovnik is one of the most famous travel destinations in the world. Explore Renaissance styled buildings in the Old City. This city has many walking paths with beautiful structures and buildings all around.

Some of the famous spots are Rector’s Palace, Sponza Palace and many more. This city has has long and thick walls measuring up to 20 feet in length. Dubrovnik has a beautiful sea side where you enjoy evening walks with nature and sea tides.

5 Florence

Top 10 Most Walkable Cities In The World
Florence — Photo via

The next on the list is Florence which is the capital of Tuscany. This city is visited by millions of tourists every year due to its special feature of Italian styled structures and architecture. You can enjoy the beautiful museums and art galleries here such as Uffizi Gallery and the Palazzo Pitti.

There are many elegant parks and gardens here where you can enjoy walking. This city has narrow streets and you can take entertainment of Italian cuisine and drinks at a bar or a bistro.

4 Melbourne

Top 10 Most Walkable Cities In The World
Melbourne — Photo via

Melbourne is one of the most beautiful cities in the world with extra-ordinary transportation system and good buildings. St Patrick’s and St Paul’s cathedrals are must watch tourist attractions here. Enjoy walking in Royal Botanic Gardens to feel the fresh air and greenery all around.

If you want to have a long walk on beach with your loved one then St. Kilda is the best place. Melbourne has history, architecture, culture, and many other beautiful aspects to discover.

3 New York

Top 10 Most Walkable Cities In The World
New York — Photo via Wikipedia

With Times Square and Central Park, New York is the most popular tourist destination of the world. It has squares, parks, gardens and various other spots for visitors. Take a long walk around the city and enjoy the views of beautiful skyscrapers which have unique architecture.

Each of the building on the street of New York has something different from the other. There are many wonderful parks with lush green trees where you can enjoy walking. Enjoy viewing museums and many other ancient buildings on the busy streets of New York City.

2 Montevideo

Top 10 Most Walkable Cities In The World
Montevideo — Photo via Flickr

Enjoy watching colonial era structures and buildings on the streets of Montevideo. There are many art galleries, museums and nightclubs which you can watch by walking. Sarandi Street and Mercado Del Puerto are famous landmarks of this city.

Montevideo has many notable buildings and modernized skyscrapers which you can view by talking a long walk around the city. Take the experience of a perfect evening on Montevideo beach.

1 San Francisco

Top 10 Most Walkable Cities In The World
San Francisco — Photo via

One of the most colorful cities of the world, San Francisco is on number 1 of our list. It has beautiful structures and buildings with good architecture. It has higher rates of pedestrian. The weather in this place is perfect for walking. You can enjoy some delicious snacks and beer on the streets of San Francisco along with pleasure of walking.

These places are ideal destinations for all those who love to explore new places and things with walking.

Top 10 Most Walkable Cities In The World

1. San Francisco

2. Montevideo

3. New York

4. Melbourne

5. Florence

6. Dubrovnik

7. Helsinki

8. Paris

9. Munich

10. Vancouver


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