Top 10 Women with Seriously Incredible Abs Women with Seriously Incredible Abs

Everyone considers of having incredible abs as honor in their social circle. These days’ people are highly health conscious and have an urge to stay fit and fine. The perfect defined abs don’t appear so soon. It is a long way process which consists lots of crunches and cardio workout throughout the day.

Women have even joined this league to have sculpted body. So, following is the list of Top 10 Women with Seriously Incredible Abs.

10 Kerry Washington

Top 10 Women with Seriously Incredible Abs
Kerry Washington — Photo via

Kerry’ character in Scandal became got huge fame for her outfits. This star also dragged attention towards for the sculpted abs and toned body she has got. She is very punctual for her workout sessions and getting trained in Pilates as well as for fast burning sessions.

Kerry inspires the young to burn that extra fat. She is very keen to do experiments with her workouts as it gives her kick to do it more.

9 Alessandra Ambrosio

Top 10 Women with Seriously Incredible Abs
Alessandra Ambrosio — Photo via

The amazing sculpted upper body with superb abs and toned body is the result of her dedication. In the Victoria Secret Fashion show, she gained all the attention with her killer look and with her perfect body she graced the event to a different level.

Her fitness videos featuring her tell us all about her rigorous workout and efforts she had put each day to look so fit. She even encourages people around her to take up the daily workout routine which they find it interesting which will help them to stay fit.

8 Cheryl Burke

Top 10 Women with Seriously Incredible Abs
Cheryl Burke — Photo via Pinterest

Cheryl is not only known for her dancing moves but has also had stunning abs and perfect physique which she carries it so well. Apart from putting a number of hours in the dance sessions she equally focuses a lot to maintain her body toned and sculpt her abs which make her look gorgeous and appealing when she performs.

Apart from these activities, she is also very particular about the diet which she follows which makes her energized to perform well.  She believes drinking lots of water and getting good sleep helps to maintain the body in a good way.

7 Kim Kardashian

Top 10 Women with Seriously Incredible Abs
Kim Kardashian — Photo via Pinterest

Kim is known to steal all attentions either on the internet or where ever she steps in. Her toned abs and gorgeous physique make everyone go crazy about her. She religiously follows her fitness training sessions and is also very particular on what will make look so hot that she can set Instagram on fire even with her post-workout pictures.

Kim takes workout sessions very seriously and ensures to give her 100 percent. She believes that she gets self-satisfaction when she burns that extra bit which is not needed in the body and replaces that with loads of energy.

6 Kristin Cavallari

Top 10 Women with Seriously Incredible Abs
Kristin Cavallari —
Photo via

Kristin is a well-known reality celebrity. She opted for taking a break from her two young boys and was highly ambitious to do work out and have the strong core with a perfect body. She is very serious about workout schedule and her diet.

Her abs give goals for the ones who are planning to do a rigorous workout. She prefers doing weight training sessions which include cardio, dance and many other physical activities which she is fond of.

5 Cameron Diaz

Top 10 Women with Seriously Incredible Abs
Cameron Diaz — Photo via Pinterest

Cameron has a got strong core and her abs makes her look more beautiful. The actress is extremely focused about her fitness and how the way she appears. She very meticulous about the workout sessions and her diet plan which she follows.

Her dedication and efforts that she puts in is the secret of having such a perfect body and set an aspiration for youth. She ensures that even if she travels the workout sessions are not skipped as it always keeps her lively.

4 Elsa Pataky

Top 10 Women with Seriously Incredible Abs
Elsa Pataky — Photo via Pinterest

Elsa is a known face from Fast and Furious 6. The kind of assets and abs she has, it shows the kind of efforts she puts a day in and day out to get such an amazing look. In her recent interview, she shared her secret mantra of her workout routine.

She practices Yoga, strength training sessions as well as Pilates which she never misses out. Addition to this it also helps her to stay focused on her work and enables to multiple tasks efficiently.

3 Nicole Scherzinger

Top 10 Women with Seriously Incredible Abs
Nicole Scherzinger — Photo via

Nicole is a well know talented personality in the American glamour space as a singer as well as an actress. She is very specific with the kind of workout she chooses and how to sculpt her body that would give her perfect looking abs.

Her workout also includes dancing, running, and a number of scouts which she does on daily basis. These various kinds of activities make her feel energetic and enable her to concentrate on multiple things.

2 Jennifer Lopez

Top 10 Women with Seriously Incredible Abs
Jennifer Lopez — Photo via

The kind of fitness and abs Jennifer have, it gives fitness goals for the youngsters and mothers to stay fit and healthy. She follows the daily gym routine and does all kinds of workout which let her stay fit and look young as always. Jennifer is not only known for her work in Hollywood but also for her awesomely toned abs too.

Workout plan made by her trainer is very systematic that she does not get bored with the similar activities. She tries to explore different kind of workouts and physical activities which make her feel active, fresh and energized.

1 Gwen Stefani

Top 10 Women with Seriously Incredible Abs
Gwen Stefani — Photo via Pinterest

This singer not only spells the magic over the crowd with her melodious voice but drive them crazy with the perfect body cut and abs she has got. Gwen has a systematic workout schedule and diet plan which she follows which helps her to make tone her body and built a strong physique.

She has got a perfect combination of talent and a wonderful physique which makes her an idol for everyone. She is really enthusiast about her workout routine which is clearly visible from her social profile.

Top 10 Women with Seriously Incredible Abs

No.Women with Seriously Incredible Abs
1Gwen Stefani
2Jennifer Lopez
3Nicole Scherzinger
4Elsa Pataky
5Cameron Diaz
6Kristin Cavallari
7Kim Kardashian
8Cheryl Burke
9Alessandra Ambrosio
10Kerry Washington

Though these celebrities have crazy work schedule but still they find out time for their workout and weight training sessions. The kind of physique they have maintained and sculpted so patiently is really commendable. It is good learning for us that how we should manage our daily routine and take some time out for ourselves to be physically fit and strong.

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Top 10 Women with Seriously Incredible Abs Women with Seriously Incredible Abs

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